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The Book of Nod

In the beginning there was only Caine.
Cain who sacrificed his brother out of love.
Cain who was cast out.
Cain who was cursed forever with immortality.
Cain who was cursed with the lust for blood.
It is Cain from whom we all come,
Our sire's sire.
For the passing of an age he lived in the land of Nod,
In loneliness and suffering.
For an eon he remained alone.
But the passing of memory drowned his sorrow.
And so he returned to the world of mortals,
To the world of mortals,
To the world his brother and his brother's children had created.
Though he became ruler of a mighty nation, he was still alone,
For none was as he. His sorrow grew once again.
Then he committed another great sin, for he began progeny.
But from them came more progeny, Cain´s grandchilder,
And then Cain´s said, "An end to this crime. There shall be no more."
And as Cain's word was the law, his brood obeyed him.
The city stood for many ages.
And became the center of a mighty empire.
But then came the Deluge, a Great Flood that washed over the world.
The city was destroyed,
And its people along with it.
Again Cain fell into a great sorrow and went into solitude,
Becoming as a dog amidst the wastes,
And leaving his progeny to their own ends.
They came to him and begged him to return,
To help them rebuild the city.
But he would not come with them,
Saying the Flood had been sent as punishment
For his having returned to the world of life
And subverting the true law.
So they returned alone to what mortals were left
And announced that they were the new rulers.
Each created a brood,
In order to claim the glory of Cain.
Yet they did not have his wisdom or restraint.
A great war was waged, the elders against their children,
And the children slew their parents.
The rebels then built a new city
And brought to it 13 tribes.
It was a beautiful city and its people worshiped them as gods.
They created new progeny of their own,
The Fourth Generation of Cainites.
But they feared the Jyhad,
And it was forbidden for those childer
To create others of their kind.
This power the elders kept for themselves.
When a childe was created, it was hunted down and killed,
And its sire with it.
Although this city was as great as Cain's, eventually it grew old.
As do all living things, it slowly began to die.
The gods at first did not see the truth,
And when they last looked about them it was too late.
Their city was destroyed and their power extinguished,
And they were forced to flee, their progeny along with them.
But many were killed in the flight, for they had grown weak.
With their authority gone, all were free to create their own broods,
And soon there were many new Kindred,
Who ruled across the face of the Earth.
But this could not last.
Over time, there came to be too many of the Cainites,
And then there was war once again.
The elders were already deep in hiding,
For they had learned caution.
But their childer had founded their own cities and broods,
And it is they who were killed in the great wave of war.
There was war so total, that there are none of that generation
To speak of themselves any longer.
Waves of mortal flesh were sent across continents
In order to crush and bum the cities of the Kindred.
Mortals thought they were fighting their own wars,
But it is for us they spilt their blood.
Once this war was over,
All  Kindred hid from one another
And from the humans who surrounded them.
In hiding we remain tonight,
For the Jyhad continues still.

miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

Malkav is Back

Listen guys im sorry for my absence its been a crazy week, problems from out of nowhere, first off and the detonator of all, My cousin whom i hate got married like a year ago with a guy that was a soldier who is now a bodyguard for like the governor or something, so This dude steals a car from work goes to another city and bangs another girl there BUT WAIT how do i know this? BECAUSE THE IDIOT WAS DRINKING AND CRASHED HIS DUMB ASS INTO A HEADLIGHT AND HAS TO PAY LIKE 75GRAND. Now i did mention the guy was married to my cousin right? so this excuse of a woman has a child that my mother has taken to her since her birth, Psycho bitch here is messing up her kids real bad, like Saying to them that she doesnt love them, shes going to sell them and that kind of stuff, but in the real bad way i mean she doesnt beat them but the psychological torture is there.
SO my mother who is dumb Period. is selling a few properties so psycobitch can pay bail for his husband and now my family is going to see dark times ahead of us. I have made enemies with basicaly all of my relatives whom i dont care for. So i have been a Choffer for my mother who has medical issues on top of all this, im tired, were losing a property unless i act quick and well yeah thats been my past week. May or may not seem much to you guys but DAMN its tiresome, so just wanted to give the heads up and im sorry again for not doing this earlier but damnit i HATE my family other than my immediate ones you know Brother father and mother everyone else is Trailer trash, may seem harsh words but an example so you understand my Rage.

My mother has a house, my aunt does not, my mother lends the house to my aunt until she gets her self on her feet, 30+ Years later my aunt has practically destroyed the house my mom "LENT" her and her husband was sly going to the government to claim the house since they have lived there for more than 20 years, we acted fast and told them to evacuate the premises, My mother whom i already stated that im having trouble understanding her, not only DOES SHE NOT tell them to scram but she lets them STAY THERE STILL AFTER THEY TRY TO ROB HER. This is only one of like 50 examples i got that why i HATE my family so have a good one folks i most definitely am not having a good one....

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The Vampire Apocalypse, Armageddon, The Ragnarok. Its the end of the world  every religion has one and in vampiric lore there is also an end of the World The Gehenna. The Night when the Antedeluvians rise from their torpor to consume their progeny, or the Coming of Cain to judge his progeny and even the battle between the dark father and dark mother for destruction or redemption. None now the true end only the beginning, the arrival of the Thin bloods, vampires that are so far from Cain that their blood is so diluted they can hardly be called vampires, they cannot embrace childer and have tolerance to day light and some say they even can have children of their own. These are signs of Gehenna that most kindred are looking for, a few of them have already begun.

  1. The time of the Thin bloods
  2. Widespread Garou hunts for kindred
  3. The rise of Ancient vampires before the Antediluvians
  4. The darkening of the Sun
  5. The return of Caine to pass Judgement on all his childer and the battle between the Dark Father and Dark Mother
  6. A thousand year reign from the city of Gehenna, with "no love, no life, no pity .The mighty will be as slaves/the virtuous will be made foul" through the Dark Father's rule.
  7. The arrival of the last daughter of eve who will decide the fate of all creatures
The time of the Thin bloods is here and the rise of Ancient vampires also just in the week of nightmares Zapatasura rose from his torpor to wreck havoc, it is always a matter of time before the events come to pass. But then again the end of the world in mortal society has been around the corner since the beginning of men. Just think why do we celebrate new years? 

lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

The Dark Mother

In the beginning there was Adam and Lilith, all was well but Lilith knew all the sexual secrets and refused to lay down to Adam, God knowing that she would corrupt Adam cast her out of the Eden and cursed her that she would never know the love of another, and every thing that Lilith loved could never love her back.  so she wandered the earth aimlessly. In her travels it is said that Lucifer found her, Lucifer was said to have given Lilith the cloak of night as a gift after she had wandered the lands outside of Eden, scorched and tortured. Eventually abandoned by both, she met the wandering banished descendant of her ex-husband, the first murderer Cain.

 She took Caine in, tended to his injuries, fed and healed him, and taught him secret wisdom, wisdom that evolved into Disciplines. Cain after being healed and gaining knowledge he abandons Lillith, the curse of God is always present on the wicked, so Lilith drove mad for know one could love her took her anger and seduced Men and Devils and so she is called the mother of all devils. Angels came to speak with her saying that she should stop this wickedness and return to Adam or Daily the Angels would destroy 100 of her childer. Lilith reply was similiar to Cain´s. "This Fate is a thousand times better than having to submit to a man" The Angels kept their promise and in retaliation Lilith poured her malice on mortals, killing newborns and seducing men in their sleep for their seed and helping her bear more children.
The time came to pass when Lilith was crown queen of the Succubus, in the Final Nights Lilith is said to return with Cain and fight over the Kindred that walk the earth for absolute rule on kindred society and the world.

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The Gargoyles

Guardians for the Tremere. The Gargoyles are a bloodline created by the Tremere as servitors. Although technically not a Tremere bloodline, the bloodline is largely under their control. The Gargoyles were created using the blood of three different clans: the Gangrel, the Nosferatu, and the Tzimisce. Mixing the blood of these clans they created a beast that was a formidable fighting force. There are 2 types of Gargoyles in the World of Darkness, Free will and Slaves. The Gargoyles who remain slaves of the Tremere are Camarilla as well, but by default. Most have little or no sense of identity, no memories of existence before being transformed into Gargoyles and no free will. A Tremere-bound Gargoyle who begins to demonstrate more than a rudimentary sense of self is often destroyed.

Descendants of the so-called Slaves who escaped from Tremere domination in centuries past and more recent escapees, the free Gargoyles cluster in isolated communities either in mountain retreats or industrial cities that offer nothing to the Tremere. More adventurous souls flock to the Camarilla cities to offer themselves as bodyguards, muscle and other sorts of labor for hire. It is a show of prestige for a prince to have Gargoyle bodyguards at her Elysium, and a show of strength to be able to afford Gargoyle assassins to deal with enemies.

The Gargoyles main Discipline is called Visceratika which allows the kindred to gain properties of stone, like melding within any stone or stone like surface, stone skin and why Gargoyles are called Guardians, Scry the Heartstone. This allows the Gargoyle to know who or what enters a stone domain at any time while he is in rest acting like a true Guardian.

jueves, 14 de abril de 2011

Tremere Experiments

 A Tremere Chantry is a gathering place for members of the clan. like in all wizards legends wether there is a conclave, tower or likes the Tremere find their source of knowledge and arcane in their Chantry.

It is a place that marvels the eyes, stone gargoyles that move, Golems that where made following the instructions of old Jewish scrolls. The Tremere Regent is the master of the Chantry and runs it accordingly.

No members of other clans can enter a Tremere Chantry and bringing another clan to the Chantry is a great offense, only in times of dire need can a member of another clan enter the Chantry and it is considered a great honor and privilege.

Chantries are well guarded in the means of magical mazes, Stone gargoyles that move or spew fire
Wards that repel Lupines, wraiths and other creatures of the spirit world

The Tremere are allegedly the creators of another kind of vampire called Gargoyles, experimenting on other kindred of various clans they manage to spawn this beast that serve the Tremere as guardians and bodyguards, but tales of late say that the Gargoyles broke free from the cursed grasp of the Tremere and they now live in different parts of the world as a vampire clan of their own. Not much is known of them but many miths and legends are surely in part of a Gargoyle vampire that was sighted centuries ago.

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Thanks for following

200+ Followers thanks for following and enjoying of my blog, as you may or may not know im having a problem with my computer, need to fix this damn virus or im going to have to swipe my Hard drive cleanly and while it doesnt take much time to clean the slate i hate installing every bit of info i used to had like programs and organizing my pics and everything else so i try my best not to format on a daily base.

I hate you Virus
Nothing more to add but that i had lost my internet connection for like 13 hrs or so gonna clean this sucker out and will be back to posting more from the world of darkness.

martes, 12 de abril de 2011


What is a man?

The lord of the Vampires in modern culture, there is no more famous Vampire in our world than that of Vlad Tepes III. Count Dracula. In the world of Darkness Count Dracula is more ruthless and savage than the film or videogames for Dracula is of clan Tzimisce who know no mercy.

Many dispute this claim for Vlad Tepes has no sire, instead like Cain he was cursed directly by God but with a twist to his curse he can endure the light of day but his powers diminish in presence of the sun, only two kindred besides Cain are said to be cursed directly by God Dracula being one and Longinus the Roman soldier who pierced the side of Christ is the other one. 

lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

The Dawn

The sunrise, a beauty to behold the colors of the lingering night to give way to the brightness of the sun giver of life to all creatures of God... but kindred are not creatures of God they are forsaken and so the life giver turns into a harvester of undeath.

Every vampire needs to find refuge from the harmful rays of the sun, and to rest for the coming day, when dawn approaches all kindred start to feel Sluggish and impaired in their movements until they find a place to rest, similar to mortal sleep, kindred need to rest for the duration of the day, but the rest is different than mortal rest. Vampires enter a catatonic state where they rest until dusk, unable to move or take actions while in this state, it is when they are more vulnerable.
When in the sleep vampires regenerate damage made to them and regrow limbs lost depending on the severity of the injuries.

The sleep is different than Torpor, Torpor lasts for centuries while the Sleep last only until the last rays of light are extinguished, many kindred dont sleep in a coffin, its too Cliche yet many still seek the comfort of laying in a closed coffin with no danger on being burned by sunlight for not closing the blinds in ones room.
The sleep is indeed something paranormal unlike humans that can go days on end without rest Kindred can indeed decide not to sleep but they get no nourishment from feeding the blood no longer sustains them and so slowly but surely will drive kindred into the hands of the Beast, and the vampires senses are sluggish and the feeling of being incredibly tired is always about until one rests.
No kindred should go without the daily rest unless it is to save ones self from Hunters or another pressing matter.

sábado, 9 de abril de 2011

Blood Nourishment

All kindred suffer the same curse, to live an existence of drinking blood to sustain their bodies night after night, Blood is the life force of all kindred, without it they would wither into a pile of ash. All that mortals consider as pleasures are gone, Sex, food, air, love None of these things carry any significance there is only 1 thing that evokes a passion in kindred and that is Blood.

Blood is the same, but in the veins of an Elder vampire it can do incredible things, the potency that an Elder or Methuselah has within transforms the vitae into a formidable liquid.
All kindred ingest blood be that of mortals, other kindred or Lupines and each type of blood has a different effect on kindred.

Elder Blood: Drinking the blood of an Elder vampire quickens a kindred gaining part of his power and in some rare cases a discipline of the Elder.

Methuselah Blood: Like Elder blood but much more potent, increasing the blood potency of kindred and augmenting his Physical attributes.

Lupine Blood: The blood of a werewolf is a powerful thing to behold, kindred go temporarily insane unleashing the beast causing them to go in a Frenzy and destroying everything in their paths. Drinking the blood of a Garou can be a life saver if you are alone but never a prudent thing to do if you are in a group.


Kindred must drink blood each night, its a hunger that if not sated one enters a frenzy, and enters into torpor until awakened after a few centuries or awakened by the blood of some one.

viernes, 8 de abril de 2011


Hello night dwellers im totally hammered, went on a drinking rampage last night and got home a few hours ago and im thinking i should go to the hospital... but hey was a hell of a night. i will post something in the night or in the morning depends on how im feeling, Have a good one bros.

jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

Hunters the Reckoning

A Hunter is an ordinary human who has dedicated themselves to fighting the supernatural and protecting humanity from the encroaching darkness. These Hunters are capable of taking down kindred, Garou and Wraiths. All supernatural entity must fear Hunters because of the faith they possess, a powerful instrument in the destruction of Evil. There are several type of hunters from which they gain strength from separate styles of Hunting.
They divide into 3 Branches:

The Merciful: Those hunters that tend to show compassion towards creatures of the dark, and attempt to persuade the dark supernatural forces to turn to light, follow one of the Mercy Creeds.

The Zealot: Those hunters that are unforgiving and dogmatic in their belief that humanity is meant to "Inherit the Earth", and that the dark supernatural forces are arrayed against this manifest destiny of mankind, tend to be one of the Zeal Creeds. The tendency of these hunters to be warriors/soldiers among a group of Hunters gives these Creeds the stereotype as brute "zombie-killers." These Hunters do the dirty work out of a passion few humans may understand.

The Visionaries: Understanding and information gathering are the primary gifts of these Creeds. Originally charged to lead the Imbued in their war against the unnatural powers of the world, the Visionary Creeds consist of one viable Creed and two "Lost Creeds." In theory, these "Lost Creeds" consist of people who were granted too much insight for the mortal mind to handle and have ended up either deranged or overly violent due to this Calling. However, there is some implication throughout the different source books that these "Lost Creeds", specifically Way wards, ended up precisely how the Messengers wanted them.

Each path Focuses on different growth of the human nature, be that Physycal or Mental prowess. Most Hunters are unemployed and live by a dollar a day, because of the Mental strain that a person can withstand before going insane, the unnatural events of Demons, Vampires, Wraiths and Werewolves. Creatures that should not be but are, all of this tend to drive a Hunter mad and seek isolation, so this kind of person couldnt have a stable job because he has an unstable mind.

A Hunter has no supernatural abilities, he has no incredible strength or speed or resiliency, he is a mortal that can see the world of darkness beyond the veil and illusions and pierce into the realm of the underworld, hence he can see Vampires and Werewolves for what they are, of course the Masquerade that kindred employ make this task a bit more difficult, but a trained Hunter will find his target.

Hunters have been around since before the inquisition calling themselves Witch Hunters, but gained power with the catholic church and became the right hand of God in destroying evil, many orders have since come about like the Society of Leopold and a government program called as Strike Force Zero.

The Government knows of the existence of the undead, the team has no Faith for they are part of a program of soldiers but instead they have Technology. SFZ members altered their attributes by cybernetic implants that make them a match for the creatures of the dark.
Hunters can be found in the lowliest of beggars to the man in a tux a la Matrix Style agent.

miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

Vampire Resiliency

How does one Strike down kindred?? this post is thanks to Clique and Devon Davidson that wondered how one killed a Kuei-Jin. The normal means of execution are different for the undead for they have no vital organs to sustain them a bullet wound means nothing, since most of the times the wound that kills mortals is because of internal bleeding or a vital organ was struck, which kindred do not posses so let us begin.

Blood heal:  Every single kindred needs blood to sustain their body, it is the curse of Cain that compels them to kindred, blood is so important that they come to know it as Vitae (latin for Vita Life) because of the blood manipulation in them, a kindred can heal broken bones and body limbs but it depends on the severity of the damage, a broken bone can heal in minutes while an amputated arm may take a few nights.

Bashing Damage: This is every day normal injury being hit by someones fist, falling from a second floor, being beaten by a baseball bat. All of this is considered Bashing or bludgeoning, most mortals can withstand a few of this hits by tensing muscles and enduring the hit, the means that a kindred can withstand is far beyond mortals, since they are dead they can endure a beating and still stand up and return the favor. Bullet wounds are Lethal to mortals but for kindred its merely a nuisance but a shotgun, well that another story.

Lethal Damage: Damage that is potentially deadly is called Lethal Gun shots, knife stab, sword slash all this is considered Lethal to mortals and Lethal to a few kindred also, Kindred can try to endure Lethal damage like if it was Bashing, trying to take a punch so to speak but instead of a punch its a gun shot or a knife stab, this kind of injury can be deadly to kindred because of evisceration, the blood that kindred must employ to heal themselves from this is sometimes too much and a kindred that suffers great injury may enter torpor or meet final death.

Aggravated Damage: This kind of injury is so potent that it takes more time to heal, even to kindred this is Anathema to all in the world of darkness, Fire, Electricity, Claws from a supernatural entity, Sunlight for vampires, silver for werewolves, and Faith for all undead is anathema. Few kindred can recover from this kind of injuries, only by mastering the Discipline of Fortitude that allows a kindred to withstand this kind of punishment for a brief moment. There are rumors of mastery in fortitude that kindred could withstand sunlight.

Kindred that sustain a significant amount of damage may enter a deathlike state called Torpor, in which vampires enter a catatonic state that resembles a corpse but if a vampire enters torpor in his Haven protected in his coffin he can wait for him to heal and be restored in a matter of decades or centuries, if the kindred enters torpor and continues to receive damage then he meets final death.

lunes, 4 de abril de 2011

The Kuei-Jin

The Kuei-Jin are the corrupted descendants of the Wan Xian the ten thousand heroes chosen by the August Personage in Jade o guide and protect the universe in ancient history. The Wan Xian were originally chosen by tests of skill and courage, and fed on the ambient Chi of the Universe However, they fell from grace, learning to feed off of the chi of living beings and corrupting the tests of worthiness. The Kuei-Jin are Damned as all kindred are but these hail from the far east and share many peculiarities with their western brethren and many more differences. The sun is still anathema to the Kuei-Jin but instead of burning to ash they rot away no less deadly indeed.
These Kindred are not chosen by a Sire like Vampires are, but they are ordained by a higher source for they were once champions, Heroes of old that were corrupted by the greed of consuming Chi of other beings, and so they were cursed, falling from grace from their former roll of champions to an existence of feeding on Chi to sustain themselves. Since that time, the Kuei-Jin have sought redemption through enlightenment.

when a man that has lived a less than exemplary life he goes to hell where his soul is shredded for Chi, but sometimes one strikes a deal and finds a way out. And so the second breath occurs, where that mortal is given life for a second time but as a hideous monster, he rejoins the land of the living as a cannibalistic demonic hell beast. If not caught, these creatures will go on killing sprees and rampages of destruction which is why the capture and civilizing of infant devils is a critical part of Kuei Jin society. All Kuei-Jin begin in Hell and then graduate to a mad cannibal in a human body; it is only through discipline and by the way of the whip that they can move above that level.
 Kuei Jin are less tied to their bodies than might be expected - because they are spirits wearing bodies, they can take an enormous amount of damage, including a Death that wipes out the body and forces the Kuei Jin to seek out a new host.The Kuei-Jin hunger for Chi as kindred hunger for blood, although they take more pleasure from food and sex than the damned do. With the right chi, Kuei Jin can even withstand the sun for a short period of time.

domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

Knowledge is Power

Clan Nosferatu is a very secretive one, the only clan that wears the Beast in their exterior, From the moment of embrace, members of clan Nosferatu suffer a painful transformation, while other cainites can pass as mortals Nosferatu can never achieve this task for their visage is as corrupted as their souls. In the Bible Absimiliard is the wicked son of King David. Tradition holds that he was an expert and stealthy hunter and great physical beauty whose skill at predation inflamed the dead heart of his female sire Zillah, after Zillah presents her self to Absimiliard he tries to destroy her for she was the greatest and most beautiful predator he had ever met besides himself, after the battle he was left scared hindering his beauty, many believe that Zillah scared him of jealousy for his beauty rivaled hit hers either way Absimiliard being a creature of vanity he despised Zillah for scaring him and decided to slay her. Absimiliard embraced many so he had an army to destroy Zillah, he failed in his task, but Cain was not pleased of this and so he cursed him, twisted into a hideous mockery of a human being, wearing his evil upon his facade.

The disciplines used by members of clan Nosferatu are those that would make them in hunters and survivors

Obfuscation, the discipline to hide in plain sight is a favored one since their visage is so revolting that no mortal would deal with them they have developed another branch of this discipline, The mask of a thousand faces. with this discipline a Nosferatu can change the appearance of their clothes and most importantly their face, being able to blend in mortal society by wearing masks, no other clan has more of a burden than to uphold the masquerade than members of clan Nosferatu.

Animalism allows a Nosferatu to control beasts and to calm the beast inside of them taming them, in kindred this discipline allows to control the Beast by subduing or unleashing it upon the world.

Potence: A dreadful discipline for warrios for when struck by a potence user it ruptures tendons, muscle and bone, a discipline that augments kindred strength and far beyond any mortal.

Not all mortals endure the anguish of the embrace of the Nosferatu, many are driven insane or die in the process, a Nosferatu embrace is sometimes ironic in which they embrace a mortal of immeasurable beauty and curse them with the kiss of Cain, as their progenitor once was beautiful and learned some humility they are mockingly called Cleopatra´s. The sewers serve as their means of transport, a city sewer has access to every part of the world, and so the make their hive if you will in the center of them, many Nosferatu are scholars or protectors of secrets, you never know when a Nosferatu is close by, if there´s a secret in a city a Nosferatu most likely will know of it. Absimilliard is said to hunt all Nosferatu with his spies, the Nicktuku blood bonded Nosferatu that serve the will of the progenitor and want to exterminate all Nosferatu for they believe that in doing so Cain, the Dark father will forgive them and release them of the curse. There are speculations that indeed the clan is broken in two Absimilliards progeny and Absimilliards childe his lover that is shrouded in mistery, she left Absimilliard when he was hunting his childer and hid in what is now Russia, this Methuselah is attributed as the dark mother of the Nosferatu 

viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

Clans at War

In a shocking turn of events, Malkavians are now loosing the battle against the Nossies. 2 more hrs before the battle is ended. 

 The sewer rats are on the verge of victory. Knowledge is power May the best clan win.

Favorite Vampire Clan

Alright night dwellers, the poll i posted up is so i would know which of the 13 clans you where more interested in, and im seeing that Clan Malkavian has feed on some Tiger blood and hence is winning. Im thinking in closing the poll tonight at midnight and going to start to write about the Clans founder, and explain more of their role in kindred society and disciplines. So at midnight we shall see which clan raised more interest.