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As in vampires there are also ranks withing the Wraiths, Specters are the most feared, they have only pain and fear as their companions and wish to spread their misery upon all living and unliving entity they encounter.

They can be divided into Castes, based on their function in serving oblivion.
From lowest to highest goes as follow:
  • Mortwights: Spectres who suffered horrifying disfiguring deaths, succumbing to Oblivion at the moment of their death. Mortwights are given less respect because they never chose to serve Oblivion. The Mortwights see themselves as greater servants of Oblivion because they were always Oblivion's servants and were never deluded by a desire to avoid it.
  • Haints: Spectres who died of famine, genocide, or some other atrocity, and enter the underworld as Spectres driven by insatiable hunger. Like Mortwights, the Haints are given lower status because they never chose to serve Oblivion. Mortwights and Haints are considered roughly equal.
  • Doppelgangers: The most common Spectres, they are normally indistinguishable form other wraiths, acting as Oblivion's spies and inside operators. The doppelgangers are seen as lesser servants of Oblivion because of their relatively recent conversion to Oblivions service, and because it has not yet begun to mark their corpus.
  • Apparitions: The evangelists of Oblivion, these Spectres seek to convert wraiths by preaching to their Shadows. Apparitions are Mortwights, Haints, or Doppelgangers whose corpus has begun to be re-wrought by the corrupting touch of Oblivion.
  • Shades: Spectres whose personality was destroyed by Oblivion and the Tempest, and who exist as near-mindless predators in its depths. Used as shock troops by the spectres, these beasts are given greater respect because they have already partly succumbed to Oblivion.
  • Nephwracks: The templars and high priests of the Malfeans and the bureaucrats and generals of the Labyrinth. Nephwracks are distinguished by corpuses distinctly and extensively marked by Oblivion.
  • Hekatonkhire: The so-called "Thousand Handed Gods," long-lived shades of Onceborn-like power but no usable intelligence. Used in an almost siege-engine-like capacity by the Spectres, 3 Hekatonkhire were present at the siege of Stygia during the 3rd Great Maelstrom.
  • The Malfeans themselves, God-Kings of Oblivion.

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When a mortal dies a violent death or has unfinished business, it is hard to let go of this world and so a wraith is born.

Ghosts. Phantoms. The restless dead. Call them what you like, these malingering spirits of departed mortals have been around as long as Cainites have, perhaps longer.
Wraiths are undead creatures that can be confused with shadows or mist, they are incorporeal but when in presence of mortals they feed upon the emotions that mortals have. Fear and Anger most likely since every Wraith has the Dark Presence about them.
Ever felt an uncontrollable fear for no reason what so ever?? sitting infront of your Pc and suddenly a shiver down your spine and a sense of Dread that comes with it? Thar is the Dark Presence roaming around and whenever you are close to a Wraith the Dark Presence follows.
When fueled by anger or fear a Wraith can manifest itself and interact with the living, The invisibly hurled plate, the sourceless whisper, the worm-riddled visage that flickers at the edge of perception all of these are powers that Wraiths possess, but when in contact with another supernatural being, a Wraith can try to consume it and pour all its hatred and malice on to it, all Wraiths are evil and wish for every creature in this earth to experience the pain and suffering they went and are still going through.

Wraiths manifest most effectively in "haunted" sites and places where great suffering or trauma has left a psychic residue (battlefields, torture chambers, the bridge where a suicide leapt, etc. ). In such places, the Shroud between the worlds of the living and the dead is weak

a Wraith is but the first step into something else, but no mortal can say if it is for good or ill.

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Zombie Apocalypse?? Nah not yet, but it is my 27th Birthday HELL YEAH im a bit hung over because i was celebrating yesterday but screw it you only live once, so yeah Thank you, all of you who follow my blog because together WE ARE LEGION!.

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The Angels cursed Cain that we all know, but God gave one last chance to Cain through the path of redemption, in the light of The Golconda.
Golconda is a state that a kindred can achieve in which he is in Peace with his beastial nature and can control The Beast, a Vampire is no longer held by the shackles of undeath but he returns to the mortal world, of course the Path to achieve Golconda is never easy, much of how it can be attained has been lost, and the Camarilla rarely speak of it, the Sabbat Shun it entirely. But the state of Golconda can be compared to achieving the Nirvana.
Searching for Golconda is by no means an easy task, it is dangerous indeed, for a kindred must repent for all of his sins, and then a test of the mind must be accomplished, not much is known of this "Test" but if a Cainite fails this test then he is forever lost to the Beast he falls into Wassail.

Wassail: Norse,"Be in Good health" Also: Drink, Revel, Party

The Wassail is the last frenzy a vampire experiences, after that Colossal Frenzy there is no turning back, the Beast takes over for good and a vampire ceases to exist, his mind is destroyed and all that remains is unchained aggressiveness and destruction, a Berserker state that never ends until, like a rabid dog he is put down. A Vampire in this state is known as a Whight.

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Marvelous Saturday

Saturday and its been a while since i played this so im off to a friends place and most likely getting hammered and playing this thing until 3 am, so im keeping it short for today and i will catch all of you guys tomorrow, with a hang over most likely so Take care and Party Hard

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Sascha Vykos

Androgynous Sascha Vykos - Noddist scholar, Tzimisce scientist and Cainite monster - has long been a staunch supporter of Sabbat freedom. It is Hell's chief torturer and a musician with a scalpel. Sascha understands the nuances of every physical sensation and the nerves best suited to receive its ministrations. It is also a creature of learning, with a collection of books and artifacts to humble the halls of all academia.
Sascha's enemies, including the Gangrel Beckett and the Malkavian Anatole, believe it holds cult-status within the Sabbat, wherein sect members emulate its actions. In truth, however, Sascha is a monster beyond its own years.

Over the centuries, Sascha - for that is what Myca renamed itself shortly after leading an assault on the village of Thorns - has served its sect as scholar and warrior. In both roles, it acts as wandering priscus, though its manner of advising regional cardinals seems more akin to making strong "suggestions" than polite recommendations. As scholar, it maintains ancient libraries and repositories across the Balkan states. In this role, Sascha is an ally to the old-guard Sabbat who appreciate the strength of knowledge. As warrior, however, Sascha is also a frightening tool of retribution. With mastery over Vicissitude and Thaumaturgy, it can best most adversaries.

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Lucita de Aragone

LUCITA DE ARAGON: Generation 7th  Clan Lasombra Antitribu

Thanks to her fierce independence and preference for the Camarilla over the Sabbat, she was considered antitribu.
Originally a member of the Aragonese nobility in northeastern Spain, Lucita was always a rebel. Her sire, Ambrosio Luis Monçada, embraced her in her early 20s, though she soon became disgusted with both him and her clan, the latter after the formation of the Sabbat. Despite her rebellious nature, she is every inch a noblewoman, and feels the Lasombra lack true nobility, something she also feels has gone from the mortal world.

An accomplished warrior, she has worked for the Camarilla as an archon, and is justly feared and admired by Kindred of all sects.
 Kindred that live so long can manipulate the blood in their bodies to do their bidding, augmenting their Physical, and Mental prowess far beyond Human capabilities.

Her true loyalties however lie with her companions, the Malkavian Anatole and the Gangrel Beckett.
Later in her unlife, following the death of Archbishop Monçada, she became more attuned with the Sabbat, eventually abandoning her Humanity and picking up a Path of Enlightenment.

Many vampires that live long enough find that their humanity is numb after centuries of undeath the events that would shock a mortal makes no mark to an elder vampire, so to maintain the Beast in check they need other ways to ride the Beast, hence the Paths they take renders them no longer human but something else.

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ANATOLE:  Generation 10th (Originally) Generation 6th (via Diablerie) Clan Malkavian
Spiritual in life and a religious fanatic in undeath (he follows the Road of Heaven and possesses True Faith), Anatole has had visions of Gehenna for most of his existence. He originally sought to guide vampires to fulfil their part of God's plan, but in the Final Nights he acts more as a prophet of doom.
Anatole has comitted diablerie on many occasions, seeking to gain the knowledge of others. His last victim, Octavio, was a willing one; he wished to pass on his burden of being the mouthpiece of the demon Kupala. The remnants of Octavio's soul persist within the Malkavian's mind, whispering secrets of Gehenna, and the demon now speaks through Anatole.
The process of Diablerie can sometimes back fire if the mind is a weak one, by consuming the Essence of kindred one can have split personalities, the original Vampire and the just Diablerized one or worse, the original vampire is destroyed by the more powerful mind.

While second to his friend Beckett as a Gehenna scholar, Anatole possesses unique insights and seeks to rid himself of his own demons by finding the truth behind vampiric existence.
It is strange to find Mortals with True Faith, the power to repel the creatures of the night, and to find it in a creature of the Damned is stranger still. Clan Malkavian is always regarded with mistrust and fear, you never know what to expect from Kindred of Clan Malkavian.

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BECKET The Scholar

Becket the Scholar

BECKET Generation 7th Clan Gangrel
Known over the world for coming and going as he pleases and always appearing when "interesting" items, books, scraps or stories appear, Beckett is also notorious among Kindred scholars for his theory that the story of Cain and Abel is actually a myth, representing human civilization's move from hunter-gatherer into agricultural society. How this is connected with vampirism he is not sure, but if anyone can find the evidence and discover the truth, Beckett can.

His knowledge of ancient lore, linguistics and fighting skills is perfectly complemented by mastery of a number of Disciplines outside the usual purview of the Gangrel, and a more than passing knowledge of Thaumaturgy. His skill with the Gangrel trademark disciplines is such that he often travels like a wolf, and he was known to run the length of a football field under the scorching sun. He has cat-like red eyes with crescent shaped pupils that glows faintly.

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Vampire Lexicon

  • Anarch: Rebel Kindred who reject the authority of the elders.
  • Antediluvians: One of the thirteen third generation Kindred. Grand childer of Cain. Each founded a clan.
  • Archons: Powerful Camarilla warriors charged with enforcing the Masquerade and the Traditions.
  • The Beast: The hateful drives that push a vampire to become a monster, The Frenzy
  • Blood Bond: A mystical rite binding the will of one Kindred to another.
  • Camarilla: Global Conclave of seven Clans and free Kindred. Created to enforce the Masquerade.
  • Cain: The first child of Adam and Eve. Thought to be the first murderer and first Vampire.
  • Cainite: A vampire, usually of great age.
  • Caitiff: Clanless Kindred.
  • Clan: A group of Vampires descended from a particular Antediluvian.
  • Elder: Old Vampire more than 300 years old.
  • Embrace: The bite. The process of making a human into a vampire.
  • Frenzy: The state of berserk bloodlust. The beast unleashed.
  • Gehenna: Kindred Armageddon. When the Antediluvians awake to consume their young.
  • Golconda: Kindred salvation, the vampire is freed of bloodlust and the urges of the Beast.
  • Inquisition: The war humans waged on vampires through the 13th to 15th centuries.
  • Justicars: Camarilla enforcers.
  • Jyhad: The games the Antediluvians Play. The expression in the Anarch War.
  • Kindred: Vampires
  • Kine: Mortals
  • Masquerade: The Effort to hide Kindred from the world of Mortals.
  • Methuselah: 4th or 5th Generation vampires, old enough to have met the progenitor of the line, 800 to 1000 years old.
  • Neonate: (Childe, Childer, Fledgling) Young vampire, recently embraced.
  • Prince: Vampire ruler of a City
  • Sabbat: Global organization of two clans and free kindred that grew out of the Anarch rebellion.
  • Sire: Parent and creator of a vampire. Used for both men and women.
From the book of Nod.

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Well, yesterday i couldnt post anything because i was really busy, it was the birthday of the son of a very close friend of mine, so an ODYSSEY to find a gift for his 3 year old was a challenge, me and my girlfriend hit the stores at 11:00am sharp and by 1:00pm we gave up on a perfect gift... I had found a reeeeeaaaaaaaally cool looking Nerf gun that shot hell knows what but it was for 6 years old so we bought him 2 dinosaurs that weren't my first pic but i wanted to buy the freaking gun. ENOUGH. Iwanted to tell you about X-men first class, so yesterday y went and saw 2 films at the movies, HANG OVER 2 great movie, and a friend told me that Xmen first class was up un a few minutes so. After Wolverine Origins i thought X men where dead, and i didnt expect much of X-men First class, Boy i was mistaken, Its a hell of a movie A HELL OF A MOVIE, i just wanted to share this with you guys, if you had doubts of the movie Clear them, its an awesome movie with great character progression between Professor X and Magneto, you see the struggles and hardships that led them down the path of Harmony between humans and mutants, vs Mutants rebellion against humans.

I highly recommend Xmen First class, good pace, great action and character development and like i said the progression from Charles Xavier to Professor X. And Erik Erik Lensherr to Magneto.

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They call me Legion Because we are Many

Well i think its an appropriate title since WE GOT 300+ FOLLOWERS 303 Malkavians are calling the Malkavians Haven well... Their HAVEN so yeah thx to all of you and your support. If any of you have doubts or want to know something more specific or something that i have not mentioned on Vampires, Werewolves or the World of Darkness in general do not hesitate to ask. Its party time Malkavian style. ALSO heads up in 10 days from now, June 13th its my Birthday HELL YES so more partying is at hand.

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Vampire Hunter Arsenal

So we have established the weakness of kindred, but what does one use to bring final Death to immortals?
Fire arms?, Blades? Holy Relics???


Shotgun: A gun is more of a nuisance more than a real threat, but a shotgun blast to the torso is a very different thing entirely.

Fire: Burn baby BURN!!!! Fire is one of the weaknesses that where bestowed to Cain and his childer, every kindred has a weakness against the Flame, so it is naturaly part of a Demon Hunters arsenal.

Blades: Knives, Machetes, Swords, Razors All are good, any kind of weapon that can cleave through meat is good arsenal against Kindred, although Vampires have no living organs regenerating damage by a Blade that was wrenched from its body is a grueling task, also Decapitation is pretty good to giving final death. But there is a Draw back if you are found patrolling the streets with a Katana Blade.

Wooden Stake: The mighty cliche of a stake through the Heart. Indeed it does work but partly. A stake through the heart only Paralyses a vampire rending him helpless and is easy game for any Hunter.

Holy Relics: A cross, The crescent, a Swastika, Any emblem that you consider Holy that could repel evil spirits may well serve you, for a Holy relic is nothing without the Faith of the person to back it up, The fire of Faith burns more brightly if you actually believe in it.

Sunlight: The best weapon for vampire hunters is The Sun, it is at that time that kindred sleep, but if one finds a kindred´s haven in the morning hours, well its time to kiss daylight.

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Cain´s Law and Punishment

It is very hard, my children
to prescribe for you the punishment
of burning.
of exsanguination.
of beheading.
of torture.
of paralysis.
of the sundeath.

You are my Childer, alone among the
rest of existence
you are my only companions.
Forever will we be locked
in the way that fathers are bonded to
their sons
and sons to their fathers.

And yet i will root out the bad

I will weed out the worst of you,
I will prune my dark tree
in the manner
that my Father. Adam taught me.

From the Book of Nod