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Paths of Enlightment

We established what the Beast is and represent in all Kindred. The vampiric Beast is a powerful manifestation of savagery, temptation, and chaos. It is a needy, visceral thing, which needs to either be appeased into docility or dominated into submission and so all Kindred can choose a path so he can calm the inner Beast

Humanity: This is the path we mortals walk, guided by our moral compass handed down to us since the dawn of times, Humanity is a meter that one uses to see how pure hearted or Wicked is a person. Murderers, Rapists and thieves may have lower humanity than a Professor, a Grad student, or a Priest. yet this is not always the case.

Only the Path of Humanity allows kindred to maintain their essence that made them Humans, the other paths forsake ones humanity and become another thing entirely, in some paths there is no place for mercy or repulsion for these are human emotions that have no room in undeath.

Path of Blood: Followed by the Assamites, this Path espouses a connection to Haqim, founder of the Clan, through the power of blood. Vampires on this Path hunt down other Cainites, drinking their blood in order to improve their own potency. by committing Diablerie one can come closer to the progenitor Haquim

Path of Bones: As walking corpses, vampires truly exist on the cusp of mortality. Death comes to all things sooner or later, so the Gravediggers study the process of physical death, the decay of the body and the extinguishing of the spirit. Practiced by many Giovanni kindred this path is to better understand Death and the condition that befell all kindred, they feel no remorse in taking a life un like that of the path of humanity. One embraces Death and tries to accept the inevitability of it. One must take a life willingly and if death comes must try not to prevent it for it is the natural cycle of all things.

Path of Cold Nights: a Sadistic path for all Kindred, one accepts that he is damned and so must inflict that much greater pain in all that surround you, unlike the path of bones in the Cold Nights one does not take a life for taking the life is sparing them of greater suffering, you are first and last in all that you do, Build your own strength and power that you may better serve your purpose.

Path of Righteousness: The path of a Zealot, a dark avenger if you will, Kindred accept their curse and try to rid the world of monsters like themselves, Kindred are considered the right hand of God in punishing all that is evil, Cainites try to buy their way into gods grace by taking this path but it is a wicked path none the less for they lost all humanity and feel no remorse, their soul is lost as soon as the take the road of the Righteous.

Path of Sutek: Followed by the Setites many within the Clan forget why they pursue and provide vice, power and pleasure to others, or they never learned from their neglectful Sires. This path teaches all followers to push past degradation and desire to find corruption at its fullest and your own pleasure at its maximum peak.
To subjugate the beast so you may serve Set and your duties, Immerse yourself in whatever you hate, fear, and shun that it may no longer have power over you. This path is of pleasure for oneself and to corrupt and degrade all who are around you.

martes, 29 de marzo de 2011

The Beast

Like in Nordic culture, where men became entranced and gained superhuman power by entering a rage called Berserker in the world of darkness all kindred suffer from this curse. The Beast is the true nature of a vampire, it is a savage rabid wild animal that has no compassion, feels no sorrow or mercy. In this state a kindred can kill either friend or foe, and break the codes of the masquerade for he is not in control of his actions, all kindred must keep the Beast at bay, under control or suffer the consequences of unleashing it unto the world, each act that the Beast takes will echo in you mind for the rest of your un-life, you must live with the consequences of killing allies, breaking camarilla codes, breaking the masquerade, committing of Diablerie and other heinous acts.

To control the Beast, kindred cling to their Humanity for its the last remnants of a human soul they had in life, but this is a loosing battle for every kindred for with the pass of centuries emotions as compassion, mercy, joy and all that made them human begging to fade also the wars that kindred wage between themselves and the greed of mortal men is also a reminder that Mercy is a weakness and wickedness is a virtue.
The Beast is unleashed by fear, pain, and hunger in kindred, a kindred that has not feed may be irritable and if he finds himself pressured or is attacked he must try to stay calm or go into a Frenzy, that is when the beast takes control and hell breaks loose. All kindred that frenzy gain incredible strength and resiliency but the draw back as mentioned is that a Frenzied vampire will attack anything it sees in sight, Animals, humans, kindred, friends or foe. There are other paths to contain the Beast with in, but that shall be another night.

lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

Vampiric Titles

Among Vampires there are titles that are given to some kindred to fulfill the roll that it has been bestowed upon, these titles go from enforcing the kindred law, Hunters of kindred, or rulers of a region.

Prince: The Title prince is usually bestowed upon those of the Camarilla order, while the title is still used in the modern nights, it stretches back to the dark ages where princes and kings ruled, this title is given thanks in part to  Machiavelli and his book title precisely The Prince, The prince is advice by the Primogens, Clan Elders from each of the affiliates of the Camarilla that serve as counselors of the Prince, but the final word of blood hunts, life and undeath is ultimately that of the Prince. The title of the Prince is primarily held by Ventrue, but other clans are willing to accept this title, Malkavians, Nosferatu, Toreador, Gangrel Etc. All members of every clan can claim the title of Prince.

Justicar: They are the most powerful components of the Camarilla, there is 1 justicar for each clan, and each Justicar maintain the traditions of the Camarilla. A justicar can seize whatever resources are required, rearrange offices with impunity, and even depose Princes if they see fit to do so. Most Justicars are prudent enough to consider their actions when dealing with highly influential kindred.

Scourge: Title that was born in the dark ages, they acted when a Justicar could not because of political involvement, they are executioners of thin bloods and Caitiffs, Scourges hunt all vampires which existance is guilty by their very nature.

Sheriff: The right hand of the Prince. Enforces the Traditions with in the Prince's Domain, as well as the edicts of the Prince. Because of the importance of these duties, the Sheriff has the authority to request that any kindred accompany him/her for questioning and judgement.

Archon: Archons are almost always selected by their justicar at the beginning of the justicar's term and are usually dismissed when their justicar is replaced. Individuals may be chosen to become an archon for a variety of services ranging from combat prowess, tactics, investigative, or espionage capabilities.An Archon serves to maintain order with the sheriff, but it is of great disgrace for a prince to have to dispatch an Archon to help maintain order. Almost all Archons are Blood bond to ensure total loyalty.

sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

Vampire Tradition

Traditions are seen in all aspects of life, and more so are upheld in unlife, supposedly handed down from Cain himself, every kindred must uphold these traditions or face punishment by The Camarilla.
In the world of darkness there are various traditions and rules, one is asking for permission to embrace, if a kindred does not ask the permission of the prince to embrace a mortal, then that kindred meets final death, also breaking the rules of the masquerade can be deadly, harsh indeed but the masquerade must be maintained. When a vampire embraces a mortal they are linked not only as sire and childe, but also in mantaining the masquerade, if the mortal that has just been embraces puts in danger the masquerade them he is slayed and they put a blood hunt on the Sire for endangering the masquerade by embracing such a reckless  kine.

The Blood hunt is another tradition, when a kindred breaks one of the codes of the masquerade, reveiling himself to mortals, committing Diablerie, slaying another kindred member of the Camarilla without justification or cause may incur in a Blood hunt, when a Blood hunt is given by the prince, they give the kindred one night of head start so he can flee a city, after that time is up, the hunt begins and everyone can kill him with no repercussion in Camarilla law. These traditions may seem brutal, but serve to uphold the first tradition.

  1. Masquerade: Hide your true nature to mortals
  2. Domain: Protect your hunting ground its your territory and you are master of it
  3. Progeny: Sire only with the permission of ones elders
  4. Hospitality: Honor the domains of others, and present oneself to the ruler of a domain
  5. Destruction: The right to kill kindred is reserved for Elders only. Only and Elder may call upon the blood hunt.
These guidelines give way to the world of darkness and must be respected or face punishment, if one is part of the Camarilla one shall adhere to these rules or face Destruction.

jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011

The Sabbat

The arch nemesis of the Camarilla, The sabbat is a cult that revel in all ways in their feral nature abandoning al shreds of humanity. Unlike the Camarilla kindred that cling to the very last thread that makes them humans, the Sabbat forsake all humanity and instead follow different paths to keep the Beast restrained. All other sects be that Camarilla or Anarchs despise the Sabbat, they consider them as mindless rabid dogs trying to make a name for themselves by unleashing terror upon mortals. The Sabbat vampires treat mortals as no more than caddle, sure Camarilla kindred also drink the blood of humans but they do not normaly slay them, Sabbat have no remorse on killing mortals and they do so on a regular basis.

If Ventrue are the rulers and Brujah the soldiers of the Camarilla then Clan La sombra rules the sabbat and Tzimisce are its warriors, although each clan will say its the other way around, there is too much chaos in the Sabbat for any kind of organization or Hierarchy but in the Sabbat there are one of the most Savage and brutal kindreds ever, and still while the Camarilla Clans are strong there are still many Sabbat clans from the camarilla they are called Anti-tribu or anti clan.

Brujah, Malkavian, Toreador, Gangrel, Nosferatu, Ventrue, and Tremere anti tribu are rebels of the Camarilla that didnt join the Anarchs and so they found refuge in the Sabbat, Sabbat vampires themselves, with the exception of the Lasombra and Tzimisce shepherds of the sect, mockingly claim to be "anti-clans," or antitribu, of their parent clans. Some Sabbat vampires openly involve themselves in Satanism, paganism or other deviant faiths to spite the propriety of those who stand against them. Perversion and brutality are the Sabbat's tools, and the sect uses them with merciless cunning but the initiation into the Sabbat is a harsh one, Shovelheads they are called, after the embrace his sire dumps his body into a grave and buried, the kindred then has hallucinations thanks in part of being newly embraced, after the fledgeling crawls out of the grave thirsty and almost at the brink of frenzy, he is then stripped of all humanity left in him and then is inducted in the ways of the Sabbat

miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011


Hunters have been in history since the dawn of times, be that hunting for game or sport, but a Hunter in these dark times is not tracking Wolves or Bears, his pray is of a more demonic source. Hunters specialize in slaying kindred, wraiths, Garou and all supernatural beings, they are the new order of Inquisitors but they are not organized as an institution. There are many type of hunters, The Zealot, The Avenger, The Redeemer. But all have one thing in common they hunt and destroy the darkness of the night.
A Hunters main power is their humanity allowing them to gain strength from a source thought gone Faith.
The Faith of a hunter can manifest in a prayer before striking his foe and causing serious injury on the damned, a Hunter can project his spiritual power to heal wounds more rapidly and to exorcise demons, yet Faith is fragile and can abandon a person when all hope seems lost Faith can proved ones greatest power or weakness, for when dealing with the undead and seeing first hand the aberrations that go against nature and the principles of God the Faith of a man can be shaken being reduced to nothingness.

The Hunters are varied indeed, and can be from the dark vigilante to the homeless bum in the corner, The fate of a hunter almost always ends not in battle but in their sleep, while they sleep they are defenseless and Ghouls can move in broad daylight and there are other creatures that roam the night that are not affected by the light of day as a Vampire.

lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011


Ghouls, mortals that consume the blood of kindreds, while still maintaining their human essence they receive a part of the kindreds power, strength, reflexes.fortitude. Yet the can mantain their human ties, they no longer age if they consume the blood of kindred regularly but if they are deprived from it, they age rapidly looking like corpses until death takes them, although consuming kindred vitae begins the fatal addiction, he can develop the kindred frenzy for blood but a Ghoul has not the Beast with in. Vampires have Ghouls as bodyguards and thralls to do their bidding, they are of vital importance if one needs or must keep a link with the world. Since Ghouls are immune to daylight they can protect their master while they slumber.

 The role of a Ghoul will always be of that a protector for his kindred master, but the fate of a Ghoul is linked directly with that of his master, if the cainite meets final death, the Ghoul is left without his "FIX" so to say, and he will do anything in his power to get more kindred vitae for if he does not, then death will find him soon enough.

sábado, 19 de marzo de 2011

The Werewolves

Werewolves are the nemesis of kindred, after the great flood most of the sinners where eradicated but, few vampires endured, the 13 Antediluvian´s and so evil endured, and so the werewolf was chosen by Gaia, mother earth to put on check the kindred that plagued the earth, Werewolves where shaman, mystics and sorcerer´s that where chosen by Gaia to destroy that which is unclean, and so the battle between Lupines and Kindred began.

Tribes of shapeshifters, its what describe the Garou society, shapeshifters that control their bodies and transform into a beast that can rip to shreds a dozen kindred or 1 Elder. Werewolves are the answer for exterminating the Cancer of the abomination that started with Cain. The warform of a werewolf is best described as death. The Werewolf is a formidable predator for all kindred since all Garou can go to the Umbra, the shadow world where wraiths and ghosts live, to everyone else it would be as to trying to look at air, you know its there but you just cant see it.

Vampires fear the Garou for the ability to go to the Umbra and ambushing a Cainite in his Haven. Lupine hunters is not a title that many kindred wish for but a well prepared vampire can stand a chance with the right tools, the problem is that most Werewolves travel in packs so unless you separate them from the pack it will be a long night with many kindred kissing the light of day.
All Garou have different Gifts opposed to disciplines that kindred have, but both share a common weakness, the Frenzy, The beast in the kindred and the Rage of the Garou. When a Garou rages its because of the goddess Luna.The gift of madness she gave to all Garou that gives them tremendous strength but makes them no more than rabid dogs, and the gift of Gnosis similar to the Polynesian concept of MANA, or the Eastern concept of CHI. While all creatures have some spiritual component, Garou can consciously control and use it. Garou are quite literally half-spirit already and Gnosis reflects how connected they are to their other half.

viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011


The Great Flood

1st Generation : Cain The first vampire has the dubious honor of being the first among the damned, the malignant seed from which all other Cainites claim their heritage.

2nd Generation: Cain´s childer, Cain it is said to have embraced only three childer  the mythical second generation and sires of the 13 Antediluvians  Enoch, Irad and Zillah

Clans of the Camarilla Logos

3rd Generation: Antediluvians. Embraced by Cains childer, these Antediluvians are called this for they survived the great flood that good sent to purge evil in humanity, the founders of the 13 vampire clans survived by burrowing deep into the earth and waiting for the moment to awake. Only Zapathasura from clan Ravnos is said to have awoken from Torpor and found final death in 1999 in the week of nightmares.

4th and 5th Generation: Methuselah´s. Ancient kindred that rivaled the power of the Antediluvians, it is said that a kindred of this generation is powerful enough to command the Legions of hell, a Vampire of this age does not go into Torpor like an Antediluvian, instead he slumbers for a few centuries and rises once more. Ironically the greatest strength of a Methuselah is also its weakness, his age.

6th and 7th Generation: Elders. An elder vampire is no where as strong as an Antediluvian or Methuselah but still is a powerful adversary, many of the vampires of the sixth and seventh generation are still elders of Cainite society. While few Cainites ever cross paths with a fourth generation vampire, most encounter the self-styled lords of the sixth and seventh generations. Although they are not as powerful as the Methuselahs, these Cainites are still formidable opponents, who gladly sacrifice mystical and spiritual power for temporal influence. These Cainites rule over vast kingdoms, donning the crown of monarchs and commanding armies of younger Cainites and mortal thralls.

8th and 9th Generation: Ancillae. A delicate balance between an Elder and a Neonate,  these vampires are the most visible ones of the 13th century. Although they are young, the blood of Caine flows strong through their veins, usually enough to give them an edge over those of higher generation. They are nowhere near as old as most Cainites of lower generation, however, which places them in a delicate position. They embrace and enthrall a large number of Mortals for protection in case an elder wishes to get rid of a possible future adversary.

10th and 11th Generation: Neonate. A vampire that has been for no more than a few centuries. While they are comparatively young, most vampires created within the last few centuries belong to the tenth and eleventh generation. The blood of Caine still flows through them, but they have only recently overthrown the shackles of their sires and become powers in their own right

12th Generation and beyond: Fledgeling. Kindred of 100 years or less, they are called Thin bloods since they are millenia away from the progenitor. The blood that flows in their veins is diluted and weak, but they are kindred none the less, stronger than any mortal and far deadlier, the kindred from this generation spark tension in the ranks of al cainites since it is written in prophecies that the time of the Thin blood is the begining of the time when Antediluvian´s rise from their torpor and consume their childer. Zapathasura may be the first but surely not the last of the Antediluvian´s to rise and consume their progeny.

jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011

The Ravnos

A clan of misunderstood vampires, Gypsy kings of old, Clan Ravnos is a clan of thieves, murderers and delinquents, its said that in ancient times there lived a man named Zapathasura that was wronged and killed by demons known as asuratziyya who where once Angels dedicated to protect and give courage to the men of the world. God gave this man Zapathasura the opportunity to avenge his death by hunting down the demons that wrong him, after a few centuries of slaying demons Zapathasura was corrupted in some way by the same demons he swore to kill and started feeding of the blood of animals and mortals. This of course is a legend the Ravnos are known for being tricksters and liars so their history is far more difficult to understand than most kindred, you must read between the lines and find the truth. But that is now impossible, for the Legacy of the Ravnos clan is their signature discipline Chimerstry. The power to alter reality as one sees fitting, it can be subtle, as creating moving shadows, concealing weapons and making them look harmless, or as it is supposed to have happened to alter reality in a life changing way. So the story of the Ravnos is then again shrouded in total mystery and  darkness for the true events shall never be known because of the progenitor of the Ravnos its speculated to have used his absolute power of Chimestry to change history and to alter the true origin of the Ravnos.
In the modern nights the Ravnos clan is now extinct for the Antediluvian known as Zapathasura rose from his torpor in India, awakened because of the nightmares that their unique discipline gave him, Chimestry drove him insane and couldnt tell apart reality from his illusions, and so he awoke hungry in a frenzy and mad, so he woke and devoured his childer and once he was strong his illusions also where stronger, Zapathasura destroyed everything in his path and so he must be stopped, it took great deal of luck to destroy Zapathasura, with orbital mirrors to focus the power of the sun on the location of Zapathasura, but Zapathasura was in fierce combat with 3 Methuselah from the east that had caused storms to block the rays of the sun so they may do battle in a field outside of Bangladesh, once Zapathasura destroyed the Methuselah´s the clouds that where called upon began to fade away and so the full power of the sun reduced him to ashes, after the final death of Zapathasura ll of the Ravnos became mad and indulged themselves in an orgy that ended cannibalizing themselves, and so the clan Ravnos was no more. But if the Antediluvian´s power of Chimestry is so great perhaps he did not met final death in a field outside of Bangladesh, but just wants everyone to think he did. Mysterious is the power of Chimestry, but perhaps like all Ravnos legends we may never know the truth.

miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011

The Setites

The followers of set, are a clan of vampires who believe that their founder was the Egyptian god Set. Setite belief dictates that Set will one day return to rule or consume the world, and devout Setites prepare the way for his resurrection. To this end, the clan remains independent of the sects of other kindred, and practice with great skill the arts of corruption, deceit and ancient sorcery. The Setites see themselves as having a divine mandate to revive their Antediluvian, Set, in order to create an era of "paradise" for vampires and they are willing to work towards this goal in any way possible without drawing attention to themselves. Many kindred, specially those of the Camarilla follow the path of humanity to keep the Beast in check from controlling them,  Setites follow a different path, the path of enlightenment, so other clans mistrust all Setites, after all the Followers of Set are nicknamed Serpents.

Corruption is the name of the game, since the snake in the garden of Eden, Snakes have been associated with the corruption of the pure hearted, and  Setites delight themselves with corrupting Kindred and mortal alike, be that a single person or an entire organization, no one is safe from their corruption. The clans unique discipline is called Serpentis, which borrows elements from their namesake, with this discipline a Setite can entrance with the golden eyes of the snake, or grow into a monstrous Giant black cobra, some Elders achieve a degree of mastery on Serpentis that they can pull their hearts from their chest and hide it in a clay urn, doing so rids the kindred of his emotions since the heart is the seat of all emotions, needless to say if some one finds said heart and stake it the kindred enters into torpor, and if the heart is cast into fire the vampire is destroyed. Ironically even though Setites hail from ancient Egypt their clans weakness is an extreme reaction to bright lights, they are blinded and dazed by it and are disoriented when in presence of heavily illuminated places.

lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

The Assamite

From the desserts of the east come the Assamites.The Assamites are known throughout vampire society as a clan of murderous assassins, working for whoever can pay their price. The price they charge for their work is the vitae of other Kindred; for the Assamites, diablerie is the greatest sacrament.
Much of the Assamite symbology is Arabic in origin, great warriors that Excel in efficient assassinations missions  and they rarely miss their mark, even when they claim independence like the Giovanni clan, clan Assamite can be contracted either by Camarilla, Anarchs or independents, the clans unique discipline is called Quietus, wich allows the kindred to make no sounds around him, cause weakness to his enemies, and make his own blood toxic to kindred and mortals alike, coating their blades with their acidic blood or spitting it at their foes.

 Unlike the other lines of vampires, who become paler as they age, Assamites grow darker with age their eldest members being the shade of obsidian. There is one notable exception to this; Al Ashrad, former Amr of the clan, has pure white skin and no one has been able or willing to explain this. Like the Tremere, the Assamites dont have a curse imposed by Caine himself but by the Tremere, the Tremere cursed the Assamites that had an addiction in committing diablere on other vampires that they curse all Assamites with an allergy to kindred blood, irony fell upon them, the urge to commit diablere could possibly end the unlife of an Assamite because of the wicked Tremeres curse. In the modern nights clan Assamites still enforce the Assassin roll with extraordinary skill. Rumors spread in the modern nights that a few Assamites are freed of the Tremere curse and that they can partake on diablere once again, but after reaquiring their blood addiction of kindred vitae, doing so can send them into a frenzy which is a contradiction to their silent methodical way of conducting their Assassinations.

The Dark Father

According to the Bible Adam and Eve after being casted out from the Garden of Eden for disobeying  God for eating  the fruit of the Tree of knowledge they conceived Abel and after Abel they conceived Cain. Cain dedicated himself to Agriculture, meanwhile his brother dedicated himself to heard his sheep, they both gave offerings to the lord by burning them so the smoke rises to the heavens, Abel sacrificed a lamb and Cain burned the fruit of the earth.
God was pleased with Abels sacrifice more so than Cains, Cain pondered this, Abel cared for the lamb, and loved it dearly, and thought that God was pleased with a blood sacrifice, so next time that the offering was at hand Cain sacrificed that which he hold dearest, his brother. Cain gave himself a "gift," and the gift was delusion. Using this gift, he thought he killed Abel in an act of love when it was really an act of hate. He used this gift to make pride out of shame, which resulted in being out casted.
And so God cursed Cain to walk the earth forever more. In his travels he met a woman, the first woman ever created, Lillith, Lillith knew all the sexual perversions and she was also out casted so she wouldn’t corrupt Adam, both Lilith and Cain found themselves in the darkness.  And so they wandered the earth together, one day Cain said he was hungry and Lilith said to him “Come and drink from me” Cain felt renewed strength flowing through his veins. Cain started to hunt animals and feed on their blood, the dark father and mother founded the first city and called it Enoch. Years passed and God sent angels from the heavens to try to convince Cain that the acts that he committed with Lillith were wrong and that he should seek the lords forgiveness for God loves him. His answer was “I shall return to him, if he comes himself and asks me on his knees to do so” 
After this act of defiance every angel that warned Cain about Lillith bestowed upon him a curse that followed all of his childer, each angel uttered this curse to Cain.
Curse you and all of your descendants you shall never feel
The warmth of the flames.
The  Light of day.
You shall not have descendants
You shall never rest in Peace

with each of this curses you come to know why kindred are hated by the sun, why the flames no longer turn back the cold of night but is anathema to them, and lastly why they are condemned to wander for eternity like their father once did in a time before time.

sábado, 12 de marzo de 2011

The Giovanni

The Cappedocian vampires where en tuned with that of the angel of Death, and wanted to understand the secrets of the great beyond, nicknamed grave robbers for they practiced a discipline called Mortis that allowed them to manipulate the dead like marionettes, and make them do their bidding.  Cappadocius the clan founder wanting to understand the limits of life and death even more, asked for a Necromancer, and so Augustus Giovanni was embraced as a Cappadocian kindred, Giovanni wanted all the power and leadership of Cappadocius so he Diablerized him. The act of draining another vampire of all of its blood and his essences, by this the kindred can obtain part of his power and so Giovanni was now head of the Cappadocians and him and his family hunted down every Cappadocian sending the clan into the Abyss.

And so Clan Giovanni was born, by diablerizing and exterminating all of the remaining Cappadocians the Giovanni consolidated their power as a new clan, the curse that Giovanni carry was not handed down by Cain like the other clans but still they carry a curse, the bite of a Giovanni is extremely painful and so embracing childer is no easy task, many die from the excruciating pain of the kiss of Cain. The nickname for clan Giovanni is Necromancers for they still hold true to a corruption of the Mortis discipline and gave way to Necromancy. The Necromancy discipline allows a vampire to imprison souls, to make a living being to wither and feel the effects of old age, call upon wraiths and so on.
Most of the clan are related so all stays in "THE FAMILY" the Giovanni are experts smugglers and providers of contraband. The goal of the Giovanni is to bring the dead to the living, corrupting them by tearing down the  shroud that separates the realm of death with that of the living.
The Giovanni are a highly organized clan, consisting of a network of interrelated families who share a common culture and fealty to the ancestral Giovanni family. As a result, despite popular conception, not all Giovanni are Italian, Clan Giovanni is the only clan that is not associated with either the Camarilla nor the Sabbat and most kindred avoid all Giovanni for when being around a Giovanni vampire there is always an unnatural feel of things, the taste for the morbid is something no kindred could get used to. The Giovanni are the only clan that knows the joy of life, the dark twilight of unlife and the bitter ashes of true death.

The La Sombra

Leaders of the Sabbat,  members from clan Lasombra are masters of intrigue even more so than the Ventrue or Tremere, but unlike the Ventrue that manipulate or bribe to rule, the Lasombra plan quite an elaborate plan by combining strength, espionage and manipulation to get power. The Lasombra have been involved with the Church since its inception, and some Kindred whisper that the clan was instrumental in the spread of the Christian faith. In modern nights, however, Lasombra have turned their backs on that divine institution.The Lasombra clan tend to be the most loyal and vicious of all the Sabbat. Natural leaders for they say that the first LaSombra vampire was a the leader of a clan thousands of years ago, and that with the help of a Shaman gained eternal life by forsaking his soul.
All vampires of LaSombra carry the curse of not casting their reflection, be that in polish metal, reflective windows, bodies of water nor photographs or video, this supernatural event carries even to the clothes and personal objects of the kindred.
The unique discipline of The Lasombra  is called Obtenebration that allows a vampire to manipulate shadows, from dimming lights or twisting the shadows so one is concealed, to creating great patches of darkness that no light can pierce or creating demons out of the shadows. Through the Curse of Caine, some Lasombra believe, God has cast them out, and thus it is their duty to build a new order on Earth via the Sabbat. More scientific Lasombra scoff at this superstition, but even they tend to believe that, as vampires, they represent a new and more advanced breed of sentience, one unconcerned with petty human notions of ethics.
Quarterly meetings, known as conventicles, serve to keep the Lasombra informed as to each other's status, and blood-drinking rituals are performed at these meetings. While no Lasombra is ever told "You may not do that" (at least not publicly), almost all Keepers have a profound respect for tradition. Many Lasombra of elder generations hail from Spanish or Italian stock, and some still show their Moorish or Berber heritage. Lasombra neonates and ancillae, however, run the gamut of cultures and ethnicities. Almost all Lasombra are reasonably attractive, with well-bred, aristocratic features - blue-collar Lasombra are rare, and one hardly sees the callused hands or broken noses of the working class among the Keepers.

viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011

The Tzimisce

Warriors from the old world, warlords that conquer from the Carpathian regions of Transylvania . Kindred from clan Tzimisce are proud  demeanor for they believe that they have ruled with wisdom and strength of arms among the lands. Tzimisce consider themselves apart from the other clans, superior by their own way be that of disciplines or hierarchy. The Voivode is the warlord of the clan, a leader of great strength and wisdom that rules with an iron fist. The Tzimisce seek physical and spiritual purification and perfection, though their interpretations of these concepts are often alien or incomprehensible to humans and sometimes even to other vampires, by way of their unique discipline Vicissitude, that alows a Tzimisce to carve the flesh, bone and tissue like an artist creating his masterpiece. By fleshcarving a Tzimisce can twist his features and become a thing of beauty or a scarred and deformed beast, by carving his own flesh a Tzimisce can grow claws made of bone to wield as weapons. Rumors of a few elders that could transform into the dreaded Zulo, a beast that was 8ft tall with talons and claws that could destroy an army and that was nearly invincible.

The Tzimisce are a feared clan, their prowess in creating such beasts for protecting their haven makes them formidable foes, no one mortal or kindred can deal with the horrors of the Cathedral of flesh.
The Cathedral of Flesh is a gigantic living being formed into a cathedral, thousands upon thousands of victims to give birth to this living breathing monument to the grotesque, you can see the faces of some of the victims on the walls, floors or ceilings in this abomination, yet the Tzimisce legend and aesthetics hold it as the most beautiful creation ever. It is said that the high priest was part of the cathedral and that he spoke with its walls instead of showing himself in person.
The Tzimisce and the Lasombra clan are the heart and soul of the Sabbat they dont care for the Camarillas masquerade the rule is simple, The strongest rule and whom better to rule than one who is on top of the food chain.

jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011

The Camarilla

Since we established all the vampire clans that are with the Camarilla, i think it is better if we explained what the Camarilla is. The Camarilla is the vampire organization funded to protect all kindred by upholding The Masquerade, The Masquerade is the cornerstone survival strategy for Kindred, without it, the kine would rise up and exterminate all the undead.So like the say that The greatest trick that the devil pulled of was convincing the world that he didn't exist so to the kindred adopted this words by convincing all mortals that Ghosts, werewolves and vampires are a thing of myth and old stories, more so with the scientific advancement of the modern nights, he who believes in Ghost stories and vampire tales is insane, or is he...

In times of past, kindred where not usually feared, in fact many mortals delighted with the kiss of Cain, for the bite of a vampire is hundreds of times more potent than any drug, in fact one tried to explain it as "The best sex you ever had, plus doing a line of coke and some X and you wouldnt comprehend the rush of it" but those days weren't meant to last all of it changed with the Inquisition. The holy inquisition hunted witches and demons and of course kindred. So the defense for this was the Masquerade. Seven elders of the clans: Brujah, Toreador, Malkavian, Tremere, Gangrel, Ventrue and Nosferatu reunited and formed the first form of the Camarilla, but not all vampires found this Society acceptable and so the Anarchs was born, they are free from the Camarillas orders but they do uphold the Masquerade. With the anarchs fighting for its place and the Camarilla trying to maintain order there is another sect that lurks in the shadows, the scourge of The Sabbat, but that tale shall be another night.

miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

The Toreador

The Toreador are a clan of artists, poets and innovators. Clan Toreador revels in all that is beautiful, being paintings, music or anything they deem artistic and unique. Needless to say the Toreador thrived in the renaissance for all its break breakthroughs. Now the curse of Cain is particularly different in clan Toreador than the rest of the clans, for there is a legend concerning the clan founder Arikel that says: It is said that the Clan's founder, Arikel was a mortal painter in the First City. Famed throughout the lands for her work, after her Embrace she painted a mural on which the past, present and future of Kindred society was depicted. When Cain saw a terrible future for his race, he cursed her with these words: "As you have distracted me from important matters, so shall your attention ever be consumed by that which you deem beautiful." And now the Toreador fall entranced by something remarkably interesting or beautiful, They are often overcome by the beauty they see around them, and become immobilized with fascination. Such things as paintings, neon signs, or even sunrises can captivate them. But beware if a Toreador is captivated by a sunrise for one kiss of daylight means final death to all kindred. The clans disciplines are shared with many other clans which include Celerity which gives them supernatural speed, Auspex lets the vampire see the auras of her surroundings as well as to heighten  her senses of perception and sight and Presence that serve the Toreador to enthrall her victims or to submit them to ones charm.

In the modern nights, we still find many poets and painters as well as fashion designers and a musicians, if a trend is taken up in a city, most likely is the trend that a Toreador started. The recent innovations of cinema, television and the internet means that new forms of art and expression are being discovered almost daily, meaning the Toreador have become even more varied. One thing that a Toreador loves is an event called Elysium, in the Elysium there is a truce held up by all clans and differences are put aside for that night, so the Toreador can feel free to showcase his latest art piece and where they can poison ones ear with half truths to change perspectives in their favor, the Toreador are the closest to humans for where you can find an elder Tzimisce still wearing his battle gear from the 1800 you are more likely to see an elder Toreador wearing something from this year's Paris catwalks.

lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

The Malkavian

Ah yes. The Malkavian, what can be said of this clan, they carry with them insight and see the world very difrently for either mortal or kindred, but the insight of the Malkavians have left them irredeemably insane, behind all the gibberish and nonsense there is always a truth, if you read between the lines that is. Every single one of clan Malkavian is insane, but members of this clan consider madness as a strength rather than weakness, The Malkavian come from every kind of enviorment, from priests, Doctors, computer technicians and the cracked minds of mental patients and intended suicides. The power of the Malkavian comes from their discipline Dementation wich allows the vampire to spread their madness, from a subtle whisper, or a shade just out of the corner of your eyes, to full blown hallucinations, or to make a mortal fall in love with some one or some thing, after all True love is a kind of madness is it not?.

They say that in the modern nights, The Malkavians are the only clan that can speak with the Antidiluvian Malkav for all the thought and memory's that every Malkavian has had through out the Ages are linked to every single Malkavian walking the earth, it is called the Malkavian madness network and it links all the Malkavians allowing them to gather in particular places at established times without having to speak to each others, or to understand cryptic messages that may seem gibberish to all but a son of Malkav. no one knows how the network works, some say that its the will of Malkav himself that speaks his childer, perhaps we are best left not to know. The eyes of chaos let them see the world very different indeed that they even seem to pierce into the future. In the end are they truly mad? or is their truth that is maddening?

domingo, 6 de marzo de 2011

The Tremere

Mages in life, warlocks in undeath. House Tremere dwell in the occult and mastered the dark arts of magic. Tremere were originally a group of human mages from House Tremere of the Order of Hermes. When they found their magical life-extending elixirs started failing due to the growing lack of belief in magic, From the order of Hermes, many mortals who seek illumination found it in the cold world of darkness. As magic abandoned this earth the magi of the Order of Hermes experimented on kindred from clan Tzimisce to obtain immortality, and they succeeded by becoming kindred themselves. Since magic was no longer found in the world the Tremere found a powerful substitute in blood magic. The Tremere are one of the youngest vampire clans, having just come into existence during the Dark Ages. In the little time since then they made incredible inroads within vampiric society and are arguably the most powerful clan in the modern nights. This was due in no small part to their strict hierarchy, secretive nature, and mastery of Thaumaturgy, the clan's trademark discipline.

The Tremere have no natural curse like the rest of the clans, yet they are not without one. All  kindred of clan Tremere are 1 step to being blood bond. To be blood bonded is to drink the vitae of a cainite 3 times and to be subject of that cainites will. Here is an example of the power of being blood bonded to another kindred:

After the first sip of blood, the thrall begins to develop strong feelings for the regent, whether love or hate, though they are still free to act as they choose. Those in a one-drink bond may unconsciously seek out the regent, seemingly accidentally running into them on a frequent basis.
After the second sip, the regent becomes a very important person to the thrall, who may go out of their way to seek the regent's attention or please them. It becomes difficult for the thrall to do anything that would harm the regent, and the regent likewise finds it easier to convince the thrall of things. Though the thrall's craving for the regent's blood increases, they still retain their free-will.
After the third sip, the blood bond is complete. The thrall is now subject to the regent completely and loves them as much as they are capable of loving anyone. The regent is the most important person in the thrall's life and takes priority over all else; sufficiently weak-willed individuals will commit any act the regent asks of them.
A self inflicted curse perhaps, being blood bonded has a terrifying price, all kindred can be blood bonded and some are foolish enough to do it as a substitute for love, but the Tremere show such respect for their clan that they willingly come one step of being blood bonded to the seven elders of their clan. Not a curse of Cain but perhaps an even more powerful than any other kindred to have.

sábado, 5 de marzo de 2011

The Brujah

Warrior Philosophers, The Brujah clan is fueled by a passion like no other, and they are easy to anger, its easy to spark the fury of a Brujah and its the last sight you shall see if you where the one that sparked it. A Brujah is a warrior and his disciplines make them fearful, Celerity makes them move at inhuman speeds, Potence allows a Brujah to strike his foe and rupture internal organs, bone and tissue, and as the Ventrue they share the discipline of Pressence that make feeding that more easy.  Yes the Brujah Warrior Philosophers....

That was the Brujah of old, now the scholars and knights are no more than rebels with or without a cause, punks and anarchist. Still great warriors but traded the horses for Harleys and Blades for Baseball bats or fire arms, no more you see the warrior poet, now poetry or philosophy is turned into screams and revolts agains all law and rules, yet they have an important task. Still they are warriors of the modern nights. The curse of Cain in all Brujah is that they struggle to control the Beast like no other clan, the demon that resides in all kindred, like a rabbid dog who shows no respect for kin or foe, the Frenzy of a Brujah leaves destruction on its wake but shall it be the destruction of your enemys or will you rend a sunder your own allies? The Curse of Cain is present in all his Childer.

The Gangrel

Nomads, wanderers, all Gangrels have in common is that they dont stay in one place for long, living in a near by wood or in a park, vampires from clan Gangrel share a common curse, they show the inner beast in their faces, the curse of Cain is less severe than that of the Nosferatu but it still bears its mark, a Gangrels features is animalistic in all ways. Keen yellow eyes, sharp teeth and nails, pointed ears, tis the curse of Cain that befell on them. Excellent trackers and warriors that rival those of clan Brujah, Excellent scouts and rangers that can pass through Werewolf territory. How they avoid the wrath of the werewolves is unknown; perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the Gangrel are themselves shape shifters or perhaps they share a wild bond.

The Gangrels disciplines allow them to shape shift into wolves and bats, rumors of a few elders that could turn into mist, they also have the ability to bury their self into the ground for protection from the destroying light of the sun, least not forget the discipline Protean that allows the vampire to grow sharp claws to rip his enemies to shreds, a fearful sight for all kine a Gangrel with his sharp claws that deal aggravated damage. Beware that of clan Gangrel, i leave you with a quote that a Gangrel spoke to his pray before ending his life.

"You provided worthy sport, mortal. Now, though, the chase is ended."

viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011

The Ventrue

A clan of rulers, kings and queens, The Ventrue clan is based upon one principle TO RULE, the line of the blue blood. A Ventrue believes in good taste and excels at obtaining commodities, in old ages the Ventrue where either kings or merchant princess, even Knights and warlords that lived with honor and chivalry, now the titles in the modern nights are more politician than noble warrior, more CEO than baron lord. Its common that a Ventrue chose to embraces only high upper class or members of their family for the blue blood must be mantained.

 The Disciplines of  clan Ventrue goes with its demeanour to hypnotize its victims and daze them with your charm or to bring them to a terrified state or to force your will upon them with your commanding words and presence. But the kiss of Cain comes not with a price for all its childer. a Ventrue is vain and with exquisite taste and this affects him when he feeds, a vampire from clan Ventrue shall not feed upon any victim, it has to be a specific kind so he shall find nourishment. Virgins, handsome men, beautiful women, a priest. The Ventrue must feed from one specific type or he will not feed at all, even if he is starving that is the curse of The Ventrue.

Must give credit to  Wycked for the Modern night ventrue at deviant arts