viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011

The Ventrue

A clan of rulers, kings and queens, The Ventrue clan is based upon one principle TO RULE, the line of the blue blood. A Ventrue believes in good taste and excels at obtaining commodities, in old ages the Ventrue where either kings or merchant princess, even Knights and warlords that lived with honor and chivalry, now the titles in the modern nights are more politician than noble warrior, more CEO than baron lord. Its common that a Ventrue chose to embraces only high upper class or members of their family for the blue blood must be mantained.

 The Disciplines of  clan Ventrue goes with its demeanour to hypnotize its victims and daze them with your charm or to bring them to a terrified state or to force your will upon them with your commanding words and presence. But the kiss of Cain comes not with a price for all its childer. a Ventrue is vain and with exquisite taste and this affects him when he feeds, a vampire from clan Ventrue shall not feed upon any victim, it has to be a specific kind so he shall find nourishment. Virgins, handsome men, beautiful women, a priest. The Ventrue must feed from one specific type or he will not feed at all, even if he is starving that is the curse of The Ventrue.

Must give credit to  Wycked for the Modern night ventrue at deviant arts

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  1. I try to hypnotize all my victims with my charm also.

  2. These Ventrue fellas seem like nice guys.

  3. Cool stuff man, nice post!

    Keep up the creativity! =D

  4. Very nice blog & post. In one of my photoseries -> Elysium-Post you can see me and some friends posing before going to a (live action role- playing) game, i made a ventrue ;)
    Good pictures. Have a nice weekend,