martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

The Phantom of the Opera

The Opera Ghost that haunted the opera house is based on the tragic figure of an unknown Nosferatu that dwelled in a theater, after falling in love with a beautiful maiden the Phantom instructs her in the arts of voices, many believe that the maiden was being targeted by the Toreador for embrace, so the Phantom tried to protect her, although it pained him to loose her, he wished for her to be pure and enjoy life rather than being cursed by Vampirism. The tale goes that the Maiden starts to fall in love with the voice in the darkness, and that the mask that the Nosferatu wore was a metaphor of the clan discipline of Obfuscate "The Mask of a Thousand Faces" that allows a vampire to reshape his figure and mannerism, so that they think he is some one else. The Nosferatu saved the Maiden from the Toreador clan that wanted to embrace her and revealed himself to her, after centuries past, a writer found her memoirs and published the story of The Phantom of the Opera.

lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Baba Yaga

On dark nights, the Little Grandmother, the Iron Toothed Hag would fly across the skies of Russia on her magic mortar, and under her shadow milk spoiled and babies were born dead, or so they said.
For millennia, the creature Baba Yaga slept under the soil of Russia, perhaps from the time of Kiev to the time of Stalin. Baba Yaga is a Methuselah, a 4th Generation Vampire, although not an Antediluvian it is said that the Nosferatu are split in two, The Nicktuku, faithful to the Antediluvian Absimiliard who In retribution for, is said to hunt down all of his own childer (the entire Nosferatu clan).  and the Nosferatu who where a branch that started with Baba Yaga.  and are being hunted by the Nicktuku.
So the Shadow Curtain is created, it is still unknown how Baba Yaga created the Shadow Curtain but it prevented for any kindred who tried to cross it. Baba Yaga might have ruled Russia in perpetuity, but for the legend of Vasalisa, the little girl who completed three impossible tasks for the Little Grandmother. In this case, though, Vasalisa was a Nictuku who was sent to slay Baba Yaga achieving it in the year 2000 when the Shadow Curtain fell.

sábado, 28 de mayo de 2011


Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin. A Russian mystic who is perceived as having influenced the latter days of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, and their only son Alexei. Rasputin had often been called the "Mad Monk" In reality his dark powers came from the vampiric discipline Dementation, for Rasputin was a vampire from clan Malkavian hence his nickname The Mad Monk. It is said that Rasputin "healed" the severe hemophilia that Alexei had by feeding him his blood making him into a Ghoul.

There are many stories regarding the true nature of Rasputin, for some consider him of clan  Brujah,  Followers of Set and even a Ventrue ghoul, the truth may never be revealed but hints have been found that Rasputin tried to achieve absolute mastery of all the vampires by mixing the blood of every vampire clan, and attain the powers of every kindred in the world, that is why many believe that Rasputin descended from different clans, and most importantly the resiliency he demonstrated at being shot, stabbed, poisoned, bludgeoned, and drowning. As Rasputin entered torpor for the severity of his injuries he found final death at the stake by being burned and beheaded, ending him for good.

viernes, 27 de mayo de 2011


Lord Dracula

Vladimir Tepes III as he was known in life is as enigmatic in undeath as he was as a mortal, even more so for Dracula is one of various historical figures with ties with the kindred, in fact it is believed that Dracula as a mortal captured vampires from clan Tzimisce and drank of their blood, but when tragedy struck and her dear Elizabetha Dracula is the only other Mortal that transcended humanity and gained immortality as an undead, the other one being Casius Longinus. Dracula Cursed god for taking Elizabetha from him and forsake his humanity.

Order of the Dracul

Much of the Order believes that Dracula himself still survives into the modern era, possibly no longer a true vampire but progressed into something more.
At any time there are, of course, several Kindred claiming to be Dracula. Some are foolish ancillia seeking power, some are elders seeking the same but with much greater wisdom. A select few vampires have the age, power, and charisma to make believable claims. At present, there are three Kindred who might be the real thing.

jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011


Fear. It is in all of us, that sensation of unknown or going into a dark tunnel not knowing what to expect, or at night the evil presence, a fear that grips the heart without knowing why, where or who is responsible for it.
Vampires also know of this emotion and they are not immune to it, specially to the Rotschreck, The Red Fear.
The Archangel Michael clearly states, while cursing Cain, that he and his children will fear the flame and it will hurt them deeply, causing unbearable agony and pain; Vampires have been cursed not only by weakness to Flame but also fear of it. 
The Rotscheck is a type of frenzy that is triggered by Fire, the fear of being consumed in flames, since it is one of the few things that is Anathema to a vampire and most importantly the cursed imposed by the Archangel Michael himself.
Being close to fire in different situations and depending on the will power of the kindred are the only things that keep the Rotschreck in check, the frenzy is similar as when the Beast controls the Kindred but it is in a fearful state instead of destroying everything in its path, a Kindred seeks refuge and tries to escape by any means possible from the source of his fears.

martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

The Final Nights AGAIN

It is said that the majority of vampires have a sense of impending doom during the Final Nights, though only a small handful actively pursue prophecies concerning the end times, such as The Malkavian Anatole or Beckett The Gangrel and Sascha Vykos. It should be noted that throughout the years leading up to and after the second millennium, these nights are called The Final Nights.
No one is quite sure of its significance or the reality nor gravity of these hard times ahead, but all prophecies state that the Antediluvians shall rise and devour their childer whole. others claim that Cain and Lillith shall wage a war for complete dominance of the kindred society and reign the world for a thousand years. Fear grows each passing night for the rise of Zapathasura may have been the first sign of the End of Times.

lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

The 13 Antediluvians

Antedeluvians, the most powerful vampires known a side from Cain. Rumored to be 10,000 years old, they are the founders, the Original founders of the 13 vampire clans, They are called Antediluvian because the escaped the great flood by burring themselves underground and waiting for the deluge to subside.

Brujah - Brujah; 'diablerized' by Troile

Cappadocians -  Ashur

Gangrel - Ennoia

Followers of Set - Setekh or Suthek (Set)

Lasombra - The King of Shadows, when it bothers with a name at all

Malkavians - Malkav

Nosferatu - Absimilliard

Ravnos - Zapathasura, sometimes Ravanna or Dracian (in the West)

Salubri - Saulout 'diablerized' by Tremere

Toreador -   Arikel

Tzimisce -  Mekhet, The Eldest, again should it bother with a name at all

Ventrue - Veddartha

 Many of these names may change for a vampire, since living for millennia an Antedeluvian may change his name, or is changed by the population, but one thing is certain, their power is absolute.
And this is how it came to pass that Cain´s Progeny endured for millennia to this day, many Antedeluvians have met final death, others are in Torpor awaiting for the Gehenna but one thing is clear, All of them either in Torpor or in ash are of great influence of their respective Vampiric Clan.

viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

Tomorrow the Rapture begins

So Tomorrow the rapture begins, so im just gonna chill around and wait for nothing to happen and see the world Rejoice again that indeed the end of times isnt here. Sorry that i didnt post anything regarding Vampires, Werewolves or anything related its just that every time that a False prophet comes into play stating that "THE END OF THE WORLD IS AT HAND REPENT OR BURN IN HELL" it gets my blood burning Ignorance must be punished. Oh yeah it is 21/05/2011 in Australia and i dont hear anything about the judgement day beginning.

jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011

Number 1: Interview with the Vampire

The top of the list isnt an action film but it is the best vampire movie out there because you follow the accounts of Louis de Pointe du Lac a mortal that was seeking death after his wife pasted away in childbirth, he seemed cursed as no one would take upon the task of ending his life, none but a vampire accepted his call.
Interview with the vampire is the best vampire film because none other film captures the essence and torment of living centuries away from the mortal realm and feeling the slow decent into the Beast, feeling how it hacks away at your humanity until you no longer recognize yourself as a mortal but something else entirely.

Yes we are the Kindred Family

Lestat is the sire of Louis, Lestat tries to teach him the basics of "The dark gift" but Lestat has no compassion nor remorse for taking human lives, they are Cattle and as such must be slaughtered for the strong to survive.
While the movie develops you see Louis struggling to maintain his humanity drinking the blood of rats instead of humans, for he does not wishes to take innocent lives.

This fire turns me ON
After a few centuries Louis leaves Lestat (More likely tries to kill Lestat) and travels the world seeking other kindred, and then he finds Armand, a very old and influential vampire that wishes to teach Louis the ways of the kindred.

Many of you may differ about my choice on the number 1 spot but this is the best story you will find about the life of and tortures about being an immortal, and that is why its on number 1.

miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

Number 2: From Dusk Till Dawn

Robert Rodriguez´s Masterpiece From Dusk Till dawn has it all, Vampire, sexy ladies, vampire hunters and a humoristic reference to the Belmont clan in SEX MACHINE YEAAAAAAHHH!!!. Well the story starts nothing like your regular vampire flick, a Religious family goes on a trip south of the boarder and are boarded in their motor home by 2 bandits (Quentin Tarantino and George Clooney), they highjack the vehicle with all the family members and decide to go to a strip bar called "THE TITTY TWISTER" (best name for a bar ever) So they stay at the bar because Tarantino and Clooney are going to meet their boss there or something like it.
So the thing is the Bar is filled with vampires Masquerading to be human, so while the night goes along just as everyone is about Wasted the vampires attack, and all hell breaks loose in THE TITTY TWISTER.
vampire survival horror at its finest.

Satanica Pandemonium
This movie has just about everything a vampire movie needs, just look at Salma Hayek, dancing with a snake there, so the vampire hunters repel a first wave of vampires but need to retreat because they are overwhelmed and since THE TITTY TWISTER is a bar for truck drivers and many of them didnt deliver their merchandise they find themselves some pretty useless... gear like water guns and condoms, BUT WAIT the father of the family was a priest that lost faith but regained it when witnessing the horrors of hell first hand, believing that if there are devils then there surely must exist a God somewhere.  So: holy water + condoms = HOLY CONDOM GRENADES. Hell yessss Castlevanias Belmont clan couldnt do it better. 
This movie is a great flick to watch with practically anyone, great action, great babes (Salma Hayek rings any bells?) and a so so story line but with great character progression. A must see film considering this came out in 1996 and we are in 2011 and if you havent seen it, Dude whats your problem man???

martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

Number 3: Castlevania Series

I know this isnt a movie, but just humor me, this is a great game and it has 2 great elements Legendary Vampire Hunters and Legendary Vampire.
The story follows the accounts of the Belmont clan that swore to hunt the creatures of the night from the first known Belmont Vampire hunter Leon. The oath has been maintained as ever century Dracula rises from torpor to engulf the world in darkness, and every time he does so, there is a Belmont ready to take on the task to Slay vampires and demons alike.
The Belmont´s are shunned for their supernatural powers and abilities to channel their faith into holy relics and sacred weapons, particularly the Holy cross, Holy water and the legendary chain whip The vampire killer.

Gabriel Belmont
The castle it all takes place is a living entity that changes form with each reincarnation of Lord Dracula,  in this universe Dracula is the living (or rather undead) representation of evil in the world and has such power that he commands legions of undead and even the Angel of death. But Dracula is vanquished by the will and power of the Belmont clan and in many cases claiming the life of the Belmont that destroyed him.

What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets
Dracula can be resurrected by mortals via a dark ritual in sacrificing a virgin at the altar where he was defeated. Amongst the vampire hunters that rise to slay him his own son a Damphir called Alucard (Dracula backwards) confronted him on two occasions, since Dracula despises humanity for killing her beloved Elizabetha when he was mortal and in his immortal life Lisa was burned at the stake for curing the sick, condemning her as a witch.

If you dont play the games at least read a comic or manga of this series, it is one of if not the best vampire series out there.

lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011

Number 4: Bram Stoker´s Dracula

Who could forget the one that started it all, Bram Stoker´s Immortal masterpiece DRACULA
So whats to say about this magnificent film.
In the year 1462 Muslim Turks strike all of Europe threatening to conquer all, but a Romanian Knight of the sacred order of the dragon known as Draculia or Dracul Dracula summoned his army and confronted the Turkish hordes. Elizabetha his wife, treasured above all else didnt want for his love to go to war
but Vladimir gave the Saracens Hell and arose Victorious.
The vengeful Turks gave a letter to Dracula´s wife saying that he was killed in combat
Elizabetha flung herself from the tower of the castle killing herself.
and so with the actions of Elizabetha and the Turks gave birth to Dracula as we now him now. The lord of Darkness.

Dracula´s Blood Armor
Four centuries later we found ourselves in London were Jonathan Harker (Keanu Reeves) is going to marry Mina Murray (Winona Ryder) but before the marriage takes place Jonathan must go to Walachia on business to talk to a man that signs with only but a letter D.

The Rapist is in da house
 Dracula asks Harker to stay at his place for 1 month and he witness the most grotesque and frightful sights that any mortal could withstand but he endures only for the love of his life Mina. Jonathan escapes and finds his way to London to Mina once more but Mina Murray is the reencarnation of Elizabetha and so Dracula follows and wishes to bethrode her.

I wish i could put in simple words the greatness of this film but i can not, it eludes me and i cant summarize such a great story without elaborating more and more so just take my word for it, if you havent seen this film you should do it Now.

sábado, 14 de mayo de 2011

Number 5: Vampire Hunter D Blood Lust

Top 5 countdown friends and in 5th place None other than D himself Vampire hunter D that is.
The world is chaotic and strange, demons roam freely and vampires are the rulers of the world, in this devastation bounty hunters or Demon bounty hunters make their living by slaying the creatures that lurk in the shadows.

Kung Lao aint got shit on me.

Vampire Hunter D isnt your typical vampire movie, since yeah our Hero named "D" is also a Damphir like Blade and a day walker but its a post apocalyptic future where technology meets the medieval steam punk at its finest.

I shall love you for all Eternity

So the story goes like this, D is a bounty hunter that specializes in killing vampires and their minions, so a girl is kidnapped by a vampire called Mayer and the girls family pay a the Marcus Brothers to save the girl, but as a back up they hire the damphir D. After cashing an astronomical amount from the family D begins his quest on searching for the girl.

Are gonna get paid or what??

The action is good and the struggle between D´s Humanity and Vampire self is present but they could have elaborated a bit more. The Marcus brothers are shown as vampire hunters extraordinaire but seem lacking as in execution and shadowed by the great skills of D but it goes to show who the real Demon hunter is in this film. Vampire hunter D is a great movie with a great story and an excellent movie for all to see not just anime lovers but movie dwellers in general as well.

viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011

Number: 6 Hellsing

Enough of the Deja Vu its time for number 6 on our countdown.
Hellsing, the corporation dedicated for slaying vampires racks number 6 on our list. I will be the first to admit that the story behind our protagonist Arikado or Alucard is waaaay burned out, the only True Alucard in my mind will forever be Adrian Tepes Alucard from Castlevania. So Hellsing is a corporation that was formerly known  as the Holy order of the protestant knights Founded by Abraham Van Helsing, so they had enslaved a vampire, a real powerful one to hunt other vampires, but after the end of the second world war everyone decided that keep using Alucard as a weapon was far to dangerous and so they locked him in a dungeon in the Hellsing mansion. By a twist of fate Integra, a child found him and took up the mantle of the leader of the Hellsing organization with the help of Alucard.

A vampire with big knockers

A police officer found a church filled with lesser vampires and was fatally wounded when Alucard came and destroyed every vampire there with his trusty fire weapons made out of a blessed silver cross from the vatican (Cool stuff actually) So Alucard asks the dying police officer Seras Victoria if she wishes to die or be born again a vampire, she chooses the later and so becomes Alucards childe and so the vampire hunting begins.
My only complaint in this series is that our hero Alucard is WAAAAAAAY overpowered he can be put into a blender and he can regenerate again from any kind of damage but it is a good series, for an anime now a days thats saying alot.

Number 7: Blade 2

So Blogger re rolled a day and there is No Blade 2 to be found from my TOP 10 List so here it is Again

Blade, Marvel comics, Vampire Hunter , ACTION PACKED FLICK, BOOOOYYYYAAAAAH

Talk about Deja vu  Give me MORE SUGAR

Blade, Kills new vampires called reapers, Anti blades join him for the hunt, SCUD is a cool char, BOOOM. Great action packed filmed and i recommend.

Hows that for a summary folks

martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

Number 8: Shadow of the Vampire

Shadow of the vampire follows a great WHAT IF? tale, and that is "What if the actor that portrayed Count Orlock was a real vampire? So the Director Played by John Malkovich  is obssesed in his movie and goes to great lengths in giving the audience a realism that has never been seen in any film so he finds Max Schrek played by Willem Dafoe to play Count Orlok.

Prepare your Anus!

But Max is indeed a real Nosferatu and he is a dark and brooding character that interacts with the cast of the movie all the while the cast not knowing he is a true vampire thinking that he is in character that he never takes his make up of in the entire filming process. While many of the crew start getting sick in the midst of filming thanks to mister Schrek . So the crew start to back out of the project but the director is insisting in carrying on with the film and actually allows Max Schrek to feed infront of the camera in a climactic scene.
This is really a great twist to the remake of Nosferatu and its a movie that you should not miss out on.

lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

Number 9: Van Hellsing

Gabriel Vanhelsing

On number Nine its the movie Vanhelsing, in my honest opinion this is a great Vampire flick, if anyone has played the Castlevania series of videogames this is as close as your gonna get to seeing it on a movie.
Vanhelsing follows the account of Gabriel Vanhelsing (played by Hugh Jackman), a Demon hunter ordained by the church to slay all sorts of demons and clense the lands of all corruption and darkness.
The character is loosely based on Abraham Vanhelsing from Bram Stokers Dracula that was a scientist and a scholar of the occult that wore the mantle of vampire slayer, and was known by the nickname Silver Blade. But for this movie they changed his name to Gabriel, and they tryied to tie the loose ends making the viewer to belieave that Gabriel is the left hand of God as he is the Angel Gabriel.

Count Dracula

The main villain is as in many vampire movies Lord Dracula, and as always he is evil and perverse, and he wants to give life to his "Children", that are like vampire bats that where born in a cocoon laid by his 3 brides.
Although i never did understand the meaning of wanting "HIS CHILDREN" to be born since being a vampire one could EMBRACE anyone but still its kind of a dull story but the action is quite good.

Draculas brides

The main plot is that the Valerious family vowed to slay the evil Lord Dracula or their kinsmen or they shall never rest in peace, so all the members of that family is in purgatory waiting for the day that Dracula is slayed.

Anna Valerious played by (Kate Beckinsale) is the last remaining member of the bloodline and if she doesnt kill Dracula then all of her family will be condemned in purgatory for all of eternity, thats where Vanhelsing comes in and ventures of on a quest to kill the night.

miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

Top 10 Vampire movies & Series

10.- Angel

A spinoff of Buffy the vampire slayer.This follows the accounts of Angel, a vampire that was the most ruthless and vicious of his kind until he was cursed by gypsies and they gave him a soul, now having felt remorse for his evil acts he vows to try and pay his debt to the higher powers and be a champion of light.

Angel is set in 1999  L.A. after he decides to leave Sunny Dale and find his place in the world, he finds a Demon named Doyle that has the power of foresight and sees visions of the future, Doyle saw a Vision of Angel trying to aid the helpless and succumbing into darkness, and so he tries to set him on the right path by following the visions he gets. From then on Doyle helps Angel in defeating Demons and Vampire alike.

On a Side Note: Curious that in the world of darkness the Settings that are set on 1999 are known for being close or at brink of the Gehenna and the week of nightmares was indeed in 1999 when Zapatasura rose from torpor to wreck havoc.

Through the series Angel meets new Allies, some take more important roles in the future like Charles Gunn who is a kind of a rebel that refuses to be pushed around by supernatural beings. and Lorne a Demon that has the ability to see the intentions of people by looking into their souls while they sing.

The Best example of a Brujah Vampire since Blade

This is a great vampire series that climaxed with the arrival of his rival another vampire named Spike. Who died after he helped Buffy save her city, Spike was sent back to aid Angel since like i mentioned the Apocalypse was at hand and they needed all the help they could get.

This T.V series was more serious than its counterpart Buffy the Vampire slayer and it dealt with problems with a bit less of highschool humor than Buffy. In my opinion both series are good but Angel is without a doubt my favorite of them.

martes, 3 de mayo de 2011

I know your story

I know your story. Cain of Nod
she said, smiling.
"You are hungry. Come! I have food.
you are cold. Come! I have clothes.
You are sad. Come! I have confort."

"Who would comfort one so Cursed as I?
Who would clothe me?
Who would feed me?"

"I am your Father´s first wife.
who disagreed with the One Above
and gained freedom in the darkness
I am Lilith.

lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

The Coming of Lilith

I was alone in the Darkness
And i grew hungy.
I was alone in the Darkness
And i grew cold
I was alone in the Darkness
And i Cried.

Then there came to me
a sweet voice
a honey voice
Words of succor
Words of Surcease

A woman, dark and
With eyes that pierced the Darkness
came to me.