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The Great Flood

1st Generation : Cain The first vampire has the dubious honor of being the first among the damned, the malignant seed from which all other Cainites claim their heritage.

2nd Generation: Cain´s childer, Cain it is said to have embraced only three childer  the mythical second generation and sires of the 13 Antediluvians  Enoch, Irad and Zillah

Clans of the Camarilla Logos

3rd Generation: Antediluvians. Embraced by Cains childer, these Antediluvians are called this for they survived the great flood that good sent to purge evil in humanity, the founders of the 13 vampire clans survived by burrowing deep into the earth and waiting for the moment to awake. Only Zapathasura from clan Ravnos is said to have awoken from Torpor and found final death in 1999 in the week of nightmares.

4th and 5th Generation: Methuselah´s. Ancient kindred that rivaled the power of the Antediluvians, it is said that a kindred of this generation is powerful enough to command the Legions of hell, a Vampire of this age does not go into Torpor like an Antediluvian, instead he slumbers for a few centuries and rises once more. Ironically the greatest strength of a Methuselah is also its weakness, his age.

6th and 7th Generation: Elders. An elder vampire is no where as strong as an Antediluvian or Methuselah but still is a powerful adversary, many of the vampires of the sixth and seventh generation are still elders of Cainite society. While few Cainites ever cross paths with a fourth generation vampire, most encounter the self-styled lords of the sixth and seventh generations. Although they are not as powerful as the Methuselahs, these Cainites are still formidable opponents, who gladly sacrifice mystical and spiritual power for temporal influence. These Cainites rule over vast kingdoms, donning the crown of monarchs and commanding armies of younger Cainites and mortal thralls.

8th and 9th Generation: Ancillae. A delicate balance between an Elder and a Neonate,  these vampires are the most visible ones of the 13th century. Although they are young, the blood of Caine flows strong through their veins, usually enough to give them an edge over those of higher generation. They are nowhere near as old as most Cainites of lower generation, however, which places them in a delicate position. They embrace and enthrall a large number of Mortals for protection in case an elder wishes to get rid of a possible future adversary.

10th and 11th Generation: Neonate. A vampire that has been for no more than a few centuries. While they are comparatively young, most vampires created within the last few centuries belong to the tenth and eleventh generation. The blood of Caine still flows through them, but they have only recently overthrown the shackles of their sires and become powers in their own right

12th Generation and beyond: Fledgeling. Kindred of 100 years or less, they are called Thin bloods since they are millenia away from the progenitor. The blood that flows in their veins is diluted and weak, but they are kindred none the less, stronger than any mortal and far deadlier, the kindred from this generation spark tension in the ranks of al cainites since it is written in prophecies that the time of the Thin blood is the begining of the time when Antediluvian´s rise from their torpor and consume their childer. Zapathasura may be the first but surely not the last of the Antediluvian´s to rise and consume their progeny.

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